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TORG Timeline

Warning. If you plan on reading the first three TORG novels DO NOT read this timeline. It will spoil story elements for you.


1300 BC: Akashan refugee group reaches Earth and comes into contact with the Olmec civilization.

1250 BC: The Gaunt Man defeats Dairoga, High Lord of Kantovia, thereby conqueroring his first cosm. He then wipes clean Dairoga's memory and renames him Kurst. The Kantovian Darkness Device, Tagharra, flees to Earth, pursued by Heketon and the Gaunt man. They are driven back by the sheer amount of possibility energy in this cosm, but the Gaunt Man vows to return.

1240 BC: The Star Sphere gathers refugees from Dairoga.

1225 BC: Kantovian Darkness Device found by Olmecs near Teotihuacan. Device begins to corrupt civilization.

1200 BC: Demons terrorize Mycenae on Tharkold.

1136 BC: Sutenhotep is slain by a disgruntled peasant Assassin.

1100 BC: Because a schism has developed between the Akashans and the Olmecs, the Akashans move south and gather several tribes in Guatamala for protection against the increasingly aggressive Olmecs. The people who emerged from this union would call themselves Maya.

717 BC: Gunpowder developed by the Jhou court on Tharold

300 BC: The Spasm rocks Tharkold

400 AD: After a failed invasion of the Star Sphere, Malgest is locked away in a temple of the Mohani. All records of the defeated invader and his terrible device are erased. The imprissoned Malgest contines to slowly drain the Cosm.

480: Kantovian Darkness Device corrupts Mayan civilization.

550: Kantovian Darkness Device corrupts Toltec civlization.

1110: Evidence of the delining Axioms is presented on Tharkold. Indications showed that demon-kind was doomed unless the decline could be stopped.

1112: The Gaunt Man discovers Tharkold and makes a pact with Krinod, who becomes a lieutenant.

1114: The demons launch a inter-dimenional probe, which comes to Heketon's attention.

1200: The Akashans move away from the Maya toward Peru and Bolivia, leaving a small band behind with the Maya (those Monitors are later slaughtered by the Mayans at the direction of their "War God" Tagharra). The southern branch applied their energies to Incan civilization and began sending emissaries to other peoples around the globe.

1206: Krinod of Tharkold finds Melgast and becomes a High Lord in his own right.

1270: The Gaunt Man discovers Tz'Ravok and the Ravagons.

1300: Representatives of the Akashans visit the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. Although rebuffed by the rulers of that budding empire, their splendid golden raiment contributed to the legend of Quetzacoatle, who would one day return.

1350: Kranod discovers the Star Sphere, but is reluctant to invade due to the forces available via the Star Gates.

1380: Huitzilopochtli plants the seeds for the plan that eventually result in the Comaghaz into Laria's mind while she is visiting Earth. It senses her thirst for power, and seeks a method of satisfying both of their desires. (It is 'unconciusly' seeking a suitable candidate for High Lord, but still lacks Its full memmory.)

1390: The Comagahz outbreak begins to spread throughout the Star Sphere.

1400: Kantovian Darkness Device, now calling itself Huitzilopochtli, begins corruption of Aztec civilization.

1410: Kranod begins to invade Comagahz weakened Cosms of the Star Sphere.

1473: The forces of Uthorion invade Aysle across a bloody bridge, an army of Monsters. The great houses unite under Lady Pella Ardinay and sent their bravest Knights to serve under Tolwyn of House Tancred as a Knight Protector.

1474: Uthorion's forces have largely defeated the Ayslish forces. Lady Tolwyn of House Tancred is apparently slain. Lady Ardinay apparently defeats Uthorion in single magical combat. Uthorion's forces scatter and disappear. In the years to follow, Lady Ardinay reverses many of her earlier policies and life seems to be, in general, slowly becoming hell. Despite all this, Lady Ardinay remains free of Corruption, puzzling all those with the ability to see Corruption.

1500: The Star Sphere, now cosmic refugees, seek a haven. They send a contingent to Earth, believed to be safe from invasion by the Raiders.

1519: Spanish conquer the Aztec civilization. Priests of the Inquisition cast Huitzilopochtli into the lowest level of its temple and bring the temple down on top of it.

1532: The Spanish arrive in Peru, and the end truly begins for the Incan civilization.

1597: Baruk Kaah discovers Rec Pakken and begins the domination of Tekta Ker.

1690: On Gaia, the Gaunt Man begins to spread his evil from the Grand Canyon in the central plains of the Americas. The might of the Victorian Empire begins to fade.

1866: On Magna Verita, Jean Malreux gains his Darkness Device, the Ebon Cross. Within a few years, he will engineer the death of his own father and his own election to the Papacy.

1919: Pope Jean Malreaux, bored and restless, begins the Great Crusade, to bring the light of God to darkened cosms. Over half a dozen cosms will be destroyed and millions of souls will be heaped before the gates of heaven and hell and their cosms are cleansed of sin by fire and blood.

1931: On Tera, Sutenhotep is resurrected.

1932: Pope Jean Malreaux meets Uthorian. They ally and conquer another cosm, learning much from each other.

1941: On Terra, Sutenhotep names himself Dr. Mobius and starts his career as a Criminal Mastermind.

1961: On Terra, Mobius finds the Kefirtiri Idol. He flees Terra and uses the darkness device to conquer his first empire. He uses his darkness device to remove Khem from Terra and to slow down the flow of time on Terra to one-third that going on elsewhere. In the following years, Mobius conquers nine empires (destroying six in the process).

1969: On the cosm of Marketplace, 3327 comes into contact with the darkness device Daikoku. He calls a meeting of Marketplace's CEOs and establishes the Maelstrom Markets, charging each corporation a leasing fee and 40% of their profits.

1971: Archaeologists working in Peru come close to unearthing Huitzilopochtli, but stop just short of its burial chamber.

July, 1989: The Tharkold invasion of Kadandra is defeated.

January 7th, 1990: Getting wind of the Gaunt Man's collaboration an up-and-coming High Lord from the Necromunda cosm plans an invasion of her own in hopes of beating the Gaunt Man to the possibility energy. She tries to drop a maelstrom bridge into San Antonio, Texas but the Earth's energy resists her invasion. The earth fights off the invader long enough for three local kids to find and remove one of the stelae that had been planted, thus thwarting the plans of the High Lord known as Mary Of The Purple Hair. See File 000: The First Attack for reference.

Year One

April 8th, 1990: The invasion of Earth begins at the stroke of midnight in Indonesia (11:00am New York time), with the arrival of the Gaunt Man's first maelstrom bridge on the island of Borneo. By the twelfth chime, the reality of Orrosh has spread across the pre-placed stelae areas, bringing all of the Indonesian islands into the realm of the Gaunt Man. The axiom wash smothers electrical power throughout the region, and all communication from Indonesia ceases.

--As predicted, the possibility backlash from Core Earth is incredible. Alone against the full strength of Earth's possibility energy, Orrosh is witness to massive reality storms erupting on its borders. Only a furious expenditure of energy from Heketon allows the horror realm to maintain itself against the onslaught, an exertion that the Darkness Device estimates it can sustain without assistance for three days before the stelae overload and Orrosh is annihilated.

--Meanwhile, in response to the sudden blackout in Indonesia, The United Nations calls an emergency session in New York City. President Douglas Kent and Vice President Gregory Farrell, and several other heads of state from around the world are present at this meeting. Although details are sketchy, it is at first assumed that a freak hurricane caused a major power outage in the area. However, discussion of relief strategies is brought to a halt when a delegate from Japan (a Kanawa plant) blames the disaster on the detonation of nuclear weapons in Indonesia by a foreign power, then angrily storms out of teh conference. Fingers begin to be pointed, with China, the United States, and the Soviet Union being the three most commonly named as instigators for the alleged attack. The talks break down into a shouting match which keeps the UN occupied throughout the night and into the following day.

April 9th, 1990: The first Living Land bridge arrives in New York City. In the confusion, contact with the President and Vice President is lost.

April 10th, 1990: Father Christopher Bryce meets Coyote and Rat. Rick Alder meets Tal Tu.

April 11th, 1990: The second Living Land zone appears, taking more U.S. territory with it.

April 12th, 1990: Speaker of the House Jonathan Wells announces that he will not name himself President, but will assume the duties of the executive office until the status of the President and Vice President is known. He puts the U.S. military on DefCon 2. Meanwhile, Newark burns in the chaos of the invasion.

April 13th, 1990: By now, Illmound Keep is completed and the Victorians are busy setting up a town near their bridge. At night, Andrew Decker has his first dream of the Heart of Coyote.

April 14th, 1990: The second Living Land bridge arrives in Canada, with five tribes settling there. Father Bryce and company meet Malcolm Kane in Trenton, New Jersey. the soviet psychic Katrina locates the general location of a Thakoldu stelae. the Infernal Machine is activated.

April 16th, 1990: Tolwyn of House Tancreed awakens in the body of Wendy Miller. The third Living Land bridge drops near Sacramento. A Japanese agent tells the Soviets about stelae. The earth's slowing is detected by Earth Astronomers.

April 18th, 1990: Speaker of the House Jonathan Wells reluctantly takes the office of President and chooses Dennis Quartermain as his Vice President. By now the Eastern Land has spread as far west as Ohio. Wells sends Decker to look for the Heart of Coyote.

April 20th, 1990: The Gaunt Man recruits serial killer Malcolm Kane.

April 21th, 1990: The first Asyle bridge arrives in Britain. The Soviets locate and uncover one of the three Tharkoldu stelae. Agents from Kanawa sent to warn the French government of the impending Cyberpapal attack are located and eliminated by agents of Malraux.

April 22nd, 1990: Dr. Hachi Mara-Two arrives on Earth and links up with Tolwyn et al. The group decides to seek the Heart of Coyote. Djil decides to leave his home in Australia. Decker and his Marine escorts enter the Living Land. Thratchen appears on Earth in Living Land territory.

April 23rd, 1990: Thratchen arrives in Illmound Keep and informs the Gaunt Man of his search for Mara. The Gaunt Man sends Kurst out to hunt Mara. Djil meets Tom O'Malley at the airport. The dwarves come over the Aysle bridge to Earth. The Gaunt Man makes Thratchen his second in command.

April 24th, 1990: Kurst arrives in Philadelphia.

April 25th, 1990: The False Papacy arrives in Avignon. Kurst meets Decker in the Living Land.

April 26th: The Tharkoldu arrive, but one of the stelae is removed just in time by the Soviets. The Earth's possibility backlash , though of limited suration, is enough to atomize both the bridge and the stronghold of the demon Khernogom, as well as a section of the Tharkold cosm about the size of Texas.

April 27th, 1990: The U.S. capital is moved to Houston and the Delphi Council is formed.

--Meanwhile, on the cosm of Tharkold, another sort of upheaval is taking place. The possibility backlash creates incredible chaos in the cosm, and the Free Nations seize the opportunity to strike back at the demons -- the first major Race offensive in over 300 years. The War breaks out again in the smoldering remains of two demon princes, forcing Kranod to postpone his plans for an immediate counterstrike on Earth.

April 29th, 1990: Tolwyn et al meet Decker and Kurst. Tom O'Malley meets the dwarves in Aysle.

April 30th, 1990: Baruk Kaah tries to destroy the hardpoint at Silicon Valley but fails. This, Baruk Kaah's first major defeat, marks the beginning of the first real grumbling among the edeinos that Lanala no longer favors the Saar.

May 3rd, 1990: The Nile Empire arrives on Earth. The Storm Knights discover the Heart of Coyote. Tolwyn slays the Carredon. Malcolm Kane, who sees Father Bryce as his nemesis, falls seemingly to his death, but no body is found.

May 10th, 1990: The Mystery Men come to Earth via Frest's Machine.

May 14th, 1990: Mobius unveils his artificial sun.

May 16th, 1990: President Wells gives the Delphi Council the power to raise its own army.

May 20th, 1990: Heketon, foretelling what is going to happen to the Gaunt Man, has the Gaunt Man hide it in extradimensional space.

May 25th, 1990: Nippon Tech invades. The invasion goes mostly unnoticed by residents of earth.

June 4th, 1990: Tolwynn and company reach Illmound Keep.

June 5th, 1990: President Wells is assassinated; Dennis Quartermain is sworn in as President. Tolwyn's Storm Knights battle the Gaunt Man, imprisoning him in the Maelstrom with the Heart of Coyote. Kurst fights and kills the weretiger Scythak.

July 8th, 1990: The Earth's rotation stops completely.

July 10th, 1990: Thratchen uses the Gaunt Man's mirror, Wicked, and some of the energy from his Infernal Machine to summon the Nameless One. Meanwhile, Djil brings the Storm Knights into the Dream Time; Uthorion and Malraux are drawn in as well. There, Mara uses her jaz pack/data plate to transfer images of her cosm to Malraux.

The Nameless One arrives, but the combined possibilities of the Storm Knights in Dream Time also bring Aperios. Aperios recreates the cosmverse an infinite amount of times, thus creating the Infiniverse. In this upheaval, Uthorion's spirit is finally sundered from Ardinay's body, and Malraux's dreams of a high-tech reality are hardwired into his cosm. The medieval False Papacy becomes the computerized Cyberpapacy.

July 11th, 1990: Uthorion's spirit awakens in the body of Viking leader Thorfinn Bjanni. As Drakacanus is still attuned to Ardinay's body, Uthorion can no longer call upon his Darkness Device, and so he marshals his forces to regain control of his realm. In Oxford, Ardinay is tempted by Drakacanus but resists; she calls for a halt to the invasion of Earth. The civil war in Asyle begins.

July 14th, 1990: The first Storm Knights of the Pendragon Renegades, using stolen transportation from the Nile Empire, arrive in Orrorsh realm at the site of the out-of-control Infernal Machine, located deep below the Indian Ocean, near Christmas Island. There, in an underwater battle with undead guardians, the Pendragon Renegades reverse the unholy device and allow Earth's rotation to start again. See File 001: Before The Dawn for reference.

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