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The Possibility Wars

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The Possibility Wars

Below you will find the various accounts that have been recorded by the Pendragon Renegades - a group of people dedicated to freeing the world from the oppression of the invading forces. These accounts were collected through debriefing involved Personnel, newspaper reports, eye-witness accounts, and any other sources deemed viable.





Current Mission Underway "Breaking New Ground" -- Coming Soon

See the Game page for more details on this adventure.


Pendragon Renegade Mission Briefings

File 000: The First Attack

File 001: Before The Dawn

File 002: Terror Island

File 003: The Cruise

File 004: The Final Countdown

File 005: Dance Of The Demons

File 006: Tablet Of Terror

File 007: Divine Wind

File 008: Fire Over Khartoum

File 009: Germ Warfare

File 010: Finding Anastasia Romanov Part 1

File 011: Finding Anastasia Romanov Part 2

File 012: Breaking New Ground

File 013: The Possibility Chalice




Online Transcripts


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