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Page history last edited by Garry Timmons 14 years ago

Magic Spells


Below is a list of the magic spells availiable in the TORG universe


Alpha Stetch10apportation/living forces 191612Tharkold47
Attack Dominant10alteration/entity 191812Tharkold47
Captive Send12conjuration/living forces 181715Tharkold48
Chilling Darkness12alteration/darkness 151815Tharkold48
Corpse Keep12apportation/inanimate forces 151711Tharkold48
Dominant Vision10alteration/entity 18199Tharkold48
Foeblaster11(17)alteration/entity 201910Tharkold49
Foe Stetch10apportation/living forces 192416Tharkold49
Flesh Link12(17)apportation/living forces 212216Tharkold49
Horrifying Arrival12alteration/entity 191712Tharkold50
Laser Armor11alteration/light 181612Tharkold50
Lord Stetch10apportation/living forces 221612Tharkold47
Monkey Form11alteration/entity 131711Tharkold50
Monkey Mimic11alteration/entity 191612Tharkold50
Muzzle Booster9alteration/inanimate forces 182215Tharkold51
Pain Flip10alteration/living forces 152016Tharkold51
Pav Crush11(17)alteration/inanimate forces 202015Tharkold51
Pleasure Flip10alteration/living forces 151811Tharkold51
Pop12apportation/entity 171710Tharkold52
Slave Send12apportation/entity189Tharkold52
Slave Tough9(17)alteration/living forces 171814Tharkold53


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