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Sir Reginald Commons

Page history last edited by Garry Timmons 12 years, 1 month ago

Sir Reginold Commons

Knight Templar

Home Cosm: CyberpapacyMagic Axiom: 10Spiritual Axiom: 14Social Axiom: 18 Technological Axiom: 26

Possibilities: 10


AttributeApproved ActionsSkillAddAttributeValue
Dexterity: 12ManeuverDodge+2Dexterity14
Strength: 10Energy Weapons+3Dexterity15
Toughness: 9Melee Weapons+3Dexterity15
Perception: 9TrickUnarmed Combat+2Dexterity14
Mind: 8Test9Tracking+1Perception10
Charism: 8TauntTest of Will+1Mind9
Spirit: 10IntimidateWillpower+1Mind9
Reality 13Reality+3Spirit13


Equipment: Backpack, First Aid Kit, Armor of God (+8/17 ax 26), GWI Godsfire (30 damage ax26 3-100/300/500), Electropod (18 damage ax25), Godlight (24 damage ax26 3-10/25/40), Power Sword (+8/18 damage ax24), 100,000 cruzado novas


Cybernetics: Neurocal (CR 5), J-Jack (CR 2), Trigon Leaper MK II Cyberlegs (CR 6), CSI Hotshot II (CR 2)


Description: 26 years old, 5'9", 175 lbs.


History: He was always a man of strong beliefs and a willingness to fight for them. But the coming of the Cyberpapacy disillusioned him, as he tried in vain to convince people that Jean Malraux I was an abomination only to see them return to blind worship of the Cyberpope.


While travelling in Provins, his fighting prowess brought him to the attention on the Knights Templar, a newly-revived version of the medieval group who were determined to oppose Malraux and his nmachinations. He rapidly ascended in the order, and was dispatched to South America with a small band to hinder the spread of the Cyberpapcy there.


After the arrival of the Space Gods, his comrades were slain defending a village from Comaghaz hosts, and he was called back to France. But he believed that the Akashans might hold the key to Malraux's ultimate defeat, and resolved to stay and defend them from their enemies, among them the Peace Through God party. He has had a number of skirmishes with that group since then, as well as the Comaghaz, and he is determined to avenge the deaths of his friends by slaying as many of the plague's hosts as possible.


Quote: "My order has many secrets, and some of them are quite... deadly."


Played by Leon Mondragon.

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