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Below are the various powers for the different cosms. You will only find listed, the powers that are availiable amongst the heroes of the Possibility War in the Pendragon renegades.

Group Powers

Psionic Powers

Psionic powers represent the mastery of an individual or a group's mind over matter, energy, and other minds. These powers enable a character to perform actions that, while they are similar to magic spells and miracles, are powered by thought alone. Psionics require the following axioms to function properly: Social 21; Spiritual 9; Technological 15.

Psionic powers require two skills, psionic manipulation and psionic resistance. They are based on two attributes (Perception and Mind) and improved by increasing the number of adds the character has in each skill. To use psionic powers, a character must have at least one add in each skill.

Psi Strain

When a psi character uses a psionic power, she undergoes the effect known as psi strain. Psi strain is the measure of mental fatigue and damage a character does herself when she overexerts using a psionic action. Like other damage, psi strain is measured in shock damage, Ks, Os, wounds and even death. Psi strain is mental damage.

To determine the amount of psi strain a character takes, read the result points of the power's Final Difficulty number against the character's psi resistance on the Combat Results Table. Unless the character is actively resisting psi strain (see below), no bonus number is added to her psi resistance value. The total psi strain value is always equal to the Final Difficulty of the power, unlessmulti-actions are being performed.

Most psionic powers may be used in conjunction with other powers unless stated in their individual description. Using two or more powers follows the One-On-Many chart. The character must declare which power is primary, secondary, tertiary, etc before generating a bonus number.

Types of Mental Damage

Shock damage: This is identicalto that which is sustained physically, However the character's Mind is used instead of Toughness to determine when he goes unconscious. If a character sustains both types of shock damage, then the lower of the two governs when he goes unconscious. Physical shock damage is recovered before mental.

K and O conditions: These are identical to the physical versions.

Knockdown: This causes her nervous system to temporarily freeze. The target falls to the ground as if physically knocked down.

Mental Wounds: These are treated the same as physical wounds, just less noticeable. These wounds can be healed one of three ways. With time (using the Mind attribute to make recovery rolls); through the use of psionic powers, miracles, or spells that specifically heal mental damage; through the use of the psychology skill.

Adjusting Power Factors

Actively resisting Psi Strain

Maintaining Psionic Powers


The Power Group of Kinesis governs the movement of objects, persons or energies using the power of the mind. The power engages the raw strength and dexterity of the character's mind in a contest against natural forces.



Base Difficulty: 14

Base Range: skill value in meters

Base Effect Value: skill value in kilograms

Bonus Number To: Range

--Used to lift objects by the power of the mind, telekinesis allows the psionic to control objects over a range equal to her psi manipulation skill value in meters. Likewise, the base effect value of the power is equal to the value of the psionic's skill.

--While the primary use of telekinesis is the lifting and moving of objects, the character can also manipulate those objects with her mind. For example, a character could maneuver a set of lock picks into a lock and attempt to open a door. This, of course, would be a One-On-Many action and would suffer from the normal difficulty modifiers.

--Also, characters can use the One-On-Many table to control several objects at once. All objects must be within range of the telekinesis power and within sight of the psionic.

--Finally, a character can use her telekinetic power to lift and hold other characters. However, unless the object of the power is a willing participant or unconscious, the psionic must exceed the character's dodge or Dexterity total, with her psi manipulation total. Also, if the character has an action during the round he is held (or if the power is maintained after the first round) the character may attempt to use his maneuver or Dexterity to break free. To escape, he must beat the character's psi manipulation skill total for that round.


Telekinetic Flight

Base Difficulty: 20

Base Range: self

Base Effect Value: 10

Bonus Number To: duration

--One of the first telekinetic powers developed by the Akashans was telekinetic flight. This power allowed them to move effortlessly (or nearly so) through space with nothing but a protective suit. While not useful in the least for extended space travel, this power does make extravehicular activities much easier.

--However, when the Akashans tried to apply this power inside the atmosphere of a planet, they found it much more difficult. The power lifts the character off the ground, using an unanchored, invisible force, and transports him at a speed equal to the result points of the power use. The total weight and speed values of the character cannot exceed the effect value of the power.


Teleportation (Self)

Base Difficulty: 28

Base Range: skill value +3 in meters

Base Effect Value: 12

Bonus Number To: Range

--Teleportation (self) allows a character to move her body and belongings (as long as the total weight value does not exceed the effect value of the power) anywhere within the range of the power. The psionic does not need to be able to see the destination, though there is a +5 to the difficulty if he cannot.

--A character will not teleport within a solid object, and if there is no clear area within two meters of the desired destination, the teleport automatically fails. Otherwise, the teleporter arrives exactly where she specified, facing the same direction she did when she started.


Psychic Senses

Providing increases in the psionic character's existing senses and allowing her access to senses normally beyond her capability to utilize, the powers in the Psychic Senses Power Group are used for information gathering and assessment.



Base Difficulty: 14

Base Range: skill value in meters

Base Effect Value: 8

Bonus Number To: duration

--This power warns a psionic character of imminent danger; a hidden sniper, an ambush, a mechanical trap, or of an attacker behind the sensitive, etc. The character feels a prickle at the back of the neck, or icy fingers running up and down his spine.

--This power is different from other psionic powers in that it has an extended duration. When the character generates a psi manipulation total, she automatically begins with a duration of 9 (one minute). The bonus number is then added to the value of nine for the total duration of the power; a bonus of +5 yields a duration of 14.

--When the character is in danger, the gamemaster generates an awareness total based on the effect value of the power. If this total beats the attacking creature's stealth or other applicable attribute, the character becomes aware that danger is imminent.

--Depending on the level of success, the character gets additional information. If a Good result is obtained, the character knows the direction the attack will come from (within a 5 degree arc). If there is a Superior result, the character will have a vague idea of the nature of the attack as well (fire combat or energy weapons, melee, psionics, etc...) On a Spectacular result, the character actually gets a premonition of the attack, "seeing" it happen.

Example: Torinka chooses to use awareness as she and a group of Storm Knights enter a ruined temple. Since this is a stressful situation, Torinka decides to up the Base Effect Value by 4. Even though this will be more difficult to use (she'll need an 18 to successfully invoke the power), her awareness will have a value of 12.

--Torinka generates a bonus number of +6 and successfully uses the power. Since she starts with a base duration of 9, she adds +6 for a total duration of 15 -- 100 rounds or about 17 minutes. After that, she'll have to make a maintenance roll.

--A few minutes later, the gamemaster has a surprise in store for Torinka and her companions -- an ambush by a group of six Lorbats. The insects are waiting around the bend to attack the party.

--Two rounds before the characters are to walk around the corner, the gamemaster rolls a secret awareness total for Torinka. He gets a bonus number of 4, which makes Torinka's awareness Perception a 16. Since there are six Lorbats, he reduces their stealth of 14 by -6 to an 8. This makes Torinka's awareness a Good success. The gamemaster informs Torinka that there is danger around the next corner.

Pulp Powers


Wyrd Powers

Because of their nature, Wyrd Powers can be learned. Someone with a Wyrd power can teach someone else how to access the Warp and utilize the energies there. Characters from Necromunda can start with as many Wyrd powers as they wish. They will, of course have to pay the Adventure Cost any time they disconnect from the Ncromundan Cosm and then reconnect (see The Law Of The Warp). They still have to buy the Wyrd Power Skill that goes along with it. Each Wyrd Power costs them 1 possibility during creation.

Anyone from any cosm can learn Wyrd powers, but they are a contradiction outside of Necromunda and the Nile Empire. All Wyrd Powers have skills that go with the power. (ie – Wyrd Power (fireball)). Characters must buy these skills as normal. Wyrd Power Skills cannot be attempted Unskilled. To learn a Wyrd Power it costs the normal cost to learn a new skill (2 possibilities for the first add), along with 1 more possibility for the power itself. Of course characters who are not from Necromunda will have to pay the adventure cost normally to keep the powers. They are also not subject to attacks from the Warp unless they are in Necromunda.


Weapon Jinx

Adventure Cost: 2

Action Value: CHA

Range: 1 ranged weapon that has just targeted the Wyrd.

The Wyrd can attempt to use this power if an enemy makes a ranged attack on him. The Wyrd targets his opponent’s weapon. If his power score beats the Tech axiom of the ranged weapon being used against him, then after the shot is resolved against the Wyrd, the weapon has a malfunction. If he beats the tech axiom by 1-5 points then the weapon has run out of ammo (even if this means the clip has fallen out), and time must be spent to reload it. If the tech axiom is beaten by 6-10 points, then the weapon has jammed and time must be spent unjamming it. If the Tech axiom is beaten by 11-20 points then the weapon has broken and must be repaired before it can be used again. A result of 21+ means the weapon has been broken beyond repair. If a result doesn’t make sense based on the ranged weapon used (ie a jam result on a bow), then the Gamesmaster will determine the next best result to use.



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