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Posting Guidelines

Page history last edited by Garry Timmons 14 years ago


As anyone in the group can make changes to any of the pages, I must ask everyone to please not make any changes to the main page, unless it is to post a link to a page you made. Feel free to make up character-related pages detailing background, NPC's, blue-booking, etc. If you didn't make the page, please exercise courtesy before making any changes. Asking permission should be common practice. Collaberation is encouraged.


As far as the turns go, no permission is needed to add to it. Just don't edit the GM's post or any of the other PC's additions. Only post for your character. If someone is editing a page, it will not allow you to edit it until they are done. So this will stop two people from editing at the same time. After 15 minutes of editing, it will allow other users to steal the edit lock from you. Please don't do this because you destroy any work that has been done by the other user. When it comes time for dice rolling, I (Garry) will be the one rolling dice for you. I will post your die result with the new actions.


The out of character comments format will have to be changed, to make them stand out a bit more readily. Using a vertical bar | before and after something puts a box around it, and will be the standard format for out of character comments.


Like so: I am Garry's Out of Character Comment




* One way to make letter/words colored is to add <span style="color:COLOR;"> before them and </span> after them. Insert one of the following words for "COLOR": black, silver , gray , white , maroon, red, purple, fuchsia, green, lime , olive, yellow , navy, blue, teal, or aqua . Use <div> instead of <span> if you're trying to make a section (instead of just a word or sentence) a different color.


<span style="color:silver"> I am Garry's silver text.</span>

I am Garry's silver text.


I will be assigning each of you a color in your game (You will see this color with your hands, your name will be in your color). Please be sure to only respond to your game, and remember, Never edit any of the information found under the solid line in your game posts. This is where I will be keeping your hands and Narrator Card information.




To indent a paragraph, put

before the paragraph and

afterwards. Vary the number of pixels (here 10) to increase or decrease the indentation.

You can also opt for the

    tag for "unordered list". Usually it's for making lists that use bullets instead of numbers or letters, together with the


    Feel free to experiment with the functions of editing by playing in the SandBox. Also, please do not start deleting and renaming pages.

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