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Miracles Of Faith


Below is a listing of all availiable Miracles in the TORG universe.



NameAxiomCommunity RatingDifficultySourcebookPage
Bow Master8911Nippon Tech103
Call Animals8810Nippon Tech103
Captivate81010Nippon Tech103
Death Of Sound, The8912Nippon Tech103
Detect Deception789Nippon Tech104
Flame Burst799Nippon Tech104
Ghost Walk8912Nippon Tech104
Good Of The Race9610Tharkold56
Kamikaze81313Nippon Tech104
Liberation912see spell textTharkold56
Mark Prey119*target's reality/SpiritTharkold55
Pathway71010Nippon Tech104
Purify Poison81110Nippon Tech104
Ritual Of Power58*12Tharkold55
Spirit Flight81512Nippon Tech104
Spirit Quest8610Nippon Tech104
Staff Of Palan889Nippon Tech105
Sword Master8911Nippon Tech105
Temptation716*target's Mind/WillpowerTharkold55
True Vision81211Nippon Tech105
Uprising98see spell textTharkold57
Voices Of Stone51212Nippon Tech105
Will Of The Race151210Tharkold57
Wings Of Sparrow81010Nippon Tech105



NameAxiomCommunity RatingDifficultyCRSpeciesSourcebookPage
Animate Cables141117+3DemonTharkold57
Attune Mechanism111215+1NeutralTharkold57
Curse Mechanism1113special+2NeutralTharkold58
Grid Wisdom91512+4RaceTharkold58
Machine Empathy141014+5NeutralTharkold59


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