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Mike Glade

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 11 months ago

Home Cosm: Necromunda (trans.)Magic Axiom: 12Spiritual Axiom: 4Social Axiom: 20 Technological Axiom: 28


Possibilities: 11

Adventure Cost: 2 (0 while in or connected to Necromunda)


AttributeApproved ActionsSkillAddAttributeValue
Dexterity: 9ManeuverBeast Riding+1Dexterity10(12)
Strength: 9 (10)Unarmed Combat+1Dexterity10(12)
Toughness: 10First Aid+1Perception11
Perception: 10Trick12Scholar (Theatrics)+3Perception12
Mind: 10TestTrick+2Perception12
Charism: 9Taunt12Artist+1Mind11
Spirit: 9IntimidatePersuasion+1Charisma10
Wyrd Power (Weapon Jinx)+1Charisma10
Petty Crime+2Spirit11


Wyrd Power: Weapon Jinx (Adventure Cost 2)


Cybernetics: Nanocord; 2 Cyberlegs (Str +1); Balance-wires (+2 bonus to acrobatics, beast riding, climbing, dodge, flight, maneuver, and defensive uses of melee weapons and unarmed combat).

Cyber Rating: 7


Equipment: Leather Jacket (+2/11 5 axiom), Survival Knife (Str +1/11 dmg, 7 axiom); Baseball Bat (Str +3/13, 10 axiom); Slingshot (11 dmg 5/15/30, 14 axiom); .22 Pellet Pistol (8 dmg 5/25/50, 18 axiom); Various Fireworks; Backpack; Steel Toe Combat Boots (Str +1/11 dmg, axiom); Anarchists Cookbook; 3 Liter Bottle of Dr. Pepper; Moose Lodge Zippo Lighter; Box of 400 Pellets; Bag of 100 Ball Bearings


Description: 14 years old, 5'1", weighs 100 lbs.


History: Mike just wanted to get away from his family for an afternoon. He had just recently moved to the area of Universal City and didn't really know anyone there. He went for a walk and found himself in a local rock formation called The Cliffs by many of the locals. While there he bumped into Andrew Joyce and Scott Taggert. Things went crazy after that. They found themselves in the middle of an invasion of some sort. It wasn't a normal invasion though. Strange monsters and creatures and people were attacking them. He stuck with Andy and Scott because he knew that he stood a better chance of survivng with others there. On his own, he may not make it. Soon the three of them found themselves as primary targets by the forces of the strange reality. At one point Mike was even transformed by the invading reality. His legs were turned into cybernetics, and he was even mechanically bonded to the horse he had stolen earlier, who he later named Silver. After the invasion, He went his separate ways on his cybernetic horse, even parting company with his family. While Andy was concerned with finding others who knew what was happening and forming a militia of sorts, Mike was more interested in seeing the world from the back of his special steed. it didn't come as a surprise to him, however, when the other High Lords showed up. Then the real adventure began.


Quote: "This is gonna be cool!"


Played by Mike Glade.

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