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Martial Arts

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Learning Martial Arts

Martial Arts cannot be learned without a sensei (teacher). To have Martial Arts, the character may not have a contrary Faith skill that would preclude following the ideas and concepts necessary for true martial arts (it must emphasize either internal power or a connection with the power of the universe). All Martial Arts have prerequisites, which must be met before the style can be learned. The primary requisite (listed first in italics) must be at least equal to the Martial Arts adds the character is attempting to learn.


If chosen at character creation, it must be as the Tag Skill but begins at +2; this may be raised (during character creation) to +3 at a cost of 1 possibility and 1 skill point.


Martial Arts does not provide combat skills, rather it provides bonuses and enhancements through Disciplines. Disciplines available to a style may be leaned from a sensei when a character has archived the prerequisites for that discipline.



Techniques are automatic modifiers to other skills based upon the character's MA skill adds. They add 1/2 a character's MA adds to the action they modify, up to a maximum of the adds in the relevant skill.

Forms are actions or active Disciplines which must be activated or count as a character's action for the turn.

Some Disciplines have a prerequisites, indicated by []. All Disciplines have Martial Arts as a prerequisite. Prerequisites refer to skill Adds, not skill total. To learn a Discipline a character must meet all of the prerequisites and spend a week per cost point of exclusive practice.


When a Discipline lists a fractional bonus, round fraction off to the nearest whole number. A skill bonus from Disciplines may not be higher than the characters actual skill adds. Unless otherwise stated, bonuses are added to the Action Value.




Marital Arts had developed as a result of an interatction between the Law of Melee with the Tech and Social Axioms of Nippon Tech. A character may not use a Martial Arts Discipline while wielding a firearm. Double any Armour or Encumbrance penalties for Disciplines.




Standard melee weapon and unarmed combat options are listed on the Combat Charts.




Techniques Prereq Effect: Automatic application of bonuses or effect.

Balance AGL 10 Balance skill uses, including coordination and center of gravity.

Breakfall Focus Acrobatics Breakfall 3 Reduce damage from throws or takedowns

Counter Attack Focus Unarmed 3 Counter Attacks. Effect Value only, subtract the bonus from the damage value.

Detect Lie MA 3, PER 10 Resist or detect lies or deceptive Persuasion attempts.

Disarm Focus Unarmed 3 Disarm. +1/4 MA to resist disarm

Dodge Focus MA 3, Dodge 3, PER 10 Active Dodge, +1/2 Adds to Passive Dodge.

Escape Resist grappling

Grapple Focus Grapple (takedown, pin or choke holds)

Ground Fighting Reduce penalties for fighting while down.

Inner Reserves MA 5, Meditation 3 Halve fatigue from Push attempts, up to 1/2 MA value. May also be used to halve fatigue from Disciplines up to 1/3 MA value.

Instant Up Acrobatics 2 Recover from D results caused by knockdowns or throws (not stun type), as a free action.

Intimidate Focus Intimidation 3

Jump Focus MA 5, Jumping 3 Jump Skill and +1/2 Add to Jump Limit

Kick Focus Unarmed 3

Knockdown Focus Unarmed 3

Long Life MA 8, Meditation 4, TOU 9 Life span extended (MA x 5)%. Add MA to resistance rolls for aging and natural diseases.

Maneuver Focus Maneuver 3

Meditative Trance Meditation 3

Missile Dodge Dodge 3, PER 10 Active Dodge, +1/2 Adds to Passive Dodge. Only against Missile Weapons

Parry Focus Unarmed 3

Sacrifice Throw Unarmed 3 Throws or Takedowns where the attacker also goes down.

Spring Attack Unarmed 3 On the first round of combat (only) the martial artist adds MA to Initiative.

Stone Fist MA 3, Strike, TOU 9 Increase damage and TOU for hands, but reduce DEX by same amount for fine manipulation.

Strike Focus Unarmed 3 Strikes, does not include any kicks.

Throw Focus Unarmed 3

Trick Focus Trick 3 On Player's Call, gain initiative over opponent (only) next round.

Weapon Break Focus Unarmed 3

Weapon Discipline MA 5, Melee 4 May apply Disciplines to weapon use (listed per style).

Weapon Master MA 4, Melee 3 Weapon group (listed per style)

Willpower Focus Willpower 3


Forms Prereq Effect: Active use of these Disciplines constitutes the action for a round.

Analyze Style MA 4, Evidence Analysis 2 Roll (Evidence Analysis + MA) vs (Unarmed +MA), the result points are read on the Push Table as adds to defend against tricks, counters and maneuvers for the rest of the encounter. If the character has Scholar(Martial Arts), the adds in that may be added as well.

Binding MA 4, Unarmed 4 Grapple

The attacker uses a rope to tie up the opponents while avoiding attacks. The Discipline may use a combination of Grapple and Counter maneuvers to tie up the opponent, as per grapple, except that the DN penalties are doubled.

Cyclone Attack MA 8, Unarmed 6, Whirling Attack The martial artist may attack MA in opponents within a radius of 1/2 MA in meters without suffering a multi-action penalty. Additional opponents begin to add OoM penalties. The radius may not be increased. +1/4 MA to skill, -1/4 MA to defend against.

Death Touch MA 8, Unarmed 3, (Folk) Medicine 3, Paralysis Strike Requires contact with bare skin of the target. The victim must generate a SPI total against the effect value of the martial artist read as Spiritual stun damage. On the next round, subtract two from the value and apply the damage again, continuing until the value is 0. Compare the Effect Value to the target's SPI+MA value, with any negative result points being read as Spiritual Damage (once only). In addition, the attacker takes a 20-(MA+SPI+bonus) in fatigue, the roll is separate from the action. The target effects may be delayed a number of hours equal to MA value

Defensive Maneuver MA 3, Unarmed 3, Dodge 3, Maneuver 3 Counts as both a dodge or parry and maneuver against the same opponent. Excess Action Value from the defense is used as the AV for the maneuver.

Distance Strike MA 8, Ki Punch, Unarmed 4, SPI 10 SPI+MA damage. MA as a value for range. Divide range by 3 and use standard S/M/L penalties. Fist of Palan adds Faith(Palan) to the damage.

Entangle MA 4, Unarmed 3 As Takedown, but each success level over Good adds a cumulative 'D', which recovers one per round. The attacker is unskilled next round. Read the (raw result - MA) on the Push table as fatigue.

Vital Strike MA 3, Unarmed 3 +2 damage lethal strike. Cannot multi-action, requires both hands free.

Flying Kick MA 5, Unarmed 4, Leap Kick Kick: -2 action +8 effect (+Value of movement), 1/2 defense and automatic D for attacker, and -2 to defend against. Includes a (pushed) jump movement. (This is a Leap, Charge, All-Out-Attack combo.) Not in consecutive rounds. Fatigue from jump as normal. Instant up may not be used by attacker nor defender.

Hail Of Blows MA 5, Unarmed, 4, Lightning Fist, MA 4 2 attacks per round (may attack two targets at -1 damage each) for two consecutive rounds. Afterwards, Fatigued and Unskilled for one round.

Ki Punch MA 3, Meditation 2, SPI 10 Strike (reduce EV by the bonus)

SPI + MA Stun.Read raw result points on the Push table for fatigue, halve the result points and apply fatigue again next round.

Kiai Shout MA 5, Intimidation 2 Intimidation attack that affects a number of targets up to MA with no penalties, normal penalties begin after that.

Leap Kick MA2, Unarmed 3, Jump 2, Kick Focus +2 damage kick. May not be performed in two consecutive rounds.

Lightning Fist MA 3, Unarmed 3 2 strikes as a single action.May not be used during a Flurry or in consecutive.

Missile Parry MA 3, Unarmed 3, PER 10 May use Parry (unarmed or armed) vs missile weapons.

Nerve Strike MA3, Unarmed 3 -1 Dam stun strike. On a Good result, target takes a Stymie from the pain. If the martial artist uses a Vital Blow then the target to suffers Setback instead.

Paralysis Strike MA 5, Unarmed 4, Nerve Strike +4 DN, Stun strike. Target TOU halved (up to MA adds) to resist the attack. This Discipline requires striking certain nerve junctions on the target's body (triple any armour adds unless using a Vital Blow to get past armor). The attack will numb an arm or leg for a number of rounds equal to the success level of the attack. Numb limbs are useless: cumulative x1/2 DEX (arm) or -4 AGL (leg or body). Does not work on cybernetic limbs.

Power Shout MA 8, SPI 10, Spirit Shout As Spirit Shout in a cone extending 15m out and 10m wide. +1/3 MA for damage with a 3/5/10 range modifier. Read raw result points +2 on the Push table for fatigue, halve the result points and apply fatigue again next round.



MA 4 SPI+MA vs SPI+MA to push the target back a distance equal to the Success levels in meters. Add target's movement value to the effect value. This may be combined with a Counter.

Roll with Blow MA 2, AGL 10, Acrobatics 2 Active Dodge with an automatic D result. +MA to TOU.

Spirit Shout MA 5, SPI 10 SPI+MA vs SPI+MA, +1/4 MA Spiritual damage with a range of 3/5/10. Read raw result points on the Push table for fatigue, halve the result points and apply fatigue again next round. {Inner Reserves}

Stunning Attack MA 2, Unarmed 3 A lethal attack (grapple or strike as per style), except all W's are treated as D's (stun). Each such 'D' scored gives a cumulative penalty which recovers at one 'D' per round.

Thunder Kick MA 8, Jumping 2, Leak Kick, Kick Focus +MA damage kick. Score a 'D' on a Good or better result. May be combined with a (pushed) Jump movement (+Value of movement to damage and attacker suffers a 'D') and/or an All-Out-Attack (normal penalties). Use raw action value as a push result for fatigue.

Weakness Probe MA 3, PER 10, Evidence Analysis 2 The character spends a round studying target, then makes a PER+MA vs Unarmed(+MA), If successful, get +1/2 MA Effect Value next round against that target. This maneuver may also reveal possible locations for a Vital Blow. Weakness Probe may be used against inanimate objects, with a DN based on the material of the object plus it's size and thickness. The damage of the attack is compared to the object's Toughness and on a Good result or better the martial artist will succeed in breaking the object or putting a hole through it.

Whirling Attack MA 5, Unarmed 4, Lightning Fist Attack up to MA targets within 1/3 MA in meters radius with no OoM Penalty. Read raw result as Push fatigue. Not in consecutive rounds.


Sustained Forms Prereq Effect: Must be initiated as an conscious action, and then may be maintained.

Blank MA 3, Meditation 2 Concentration to activate and free action to cancel. +1/2 MA to Willpower against PER, MIN and SPI forms of Interaction. Suffer -2 to PER and MIN.

Blind Fighting MA 5, PER 10 Concentration to activate and free action to cancel. The character can detect living beings out to a radius equal to his Martial Arts adds in meters and can detect objects out to half that distance. Darkness modifiers are reduced by MA for anything within the character's area of effect and the martial artist receives a +1/2 MA bonus to PER to resist Stealth attempts within his area of effect. The character can be "blinded" by loud noise, strong odors and other strong sensory input.

Healing MA 5, Mediation 4, MIN 10 By Meditating for four hours the martial artist read his meditation roll on the Push Table (including fatigue) to reduce the value of the healing period for his current Wound state. In addition the martial artist will be drained for the next four hours and suffer a +1 DN on all actions. The martial artist may not use this ability more that once every 24 hours.

Iron Fist MA 5, Strike, Meditation 3 MA+SPI vs TOU+STR to activate. By focusing Ki into the hands, temporarily raises damage and TOU of hand by +1/2 MA, and do a lethal strike. MA+SPI vs TOU+STR and read the result points as duration and fatigue.

Iron Shirt MA 8, Meditation 3 SPI+MA vs 2*TOU. Canceled if the character suffers a "D", walks or dodges.

Increase TOU by MA and SPI by 1/2 MA to resist attacks (including Disciplines). The result points read as Value of duration. Character may do nothing else while initiating. Character may attempt to push the TOU increase as a multi-action.

Opportunity Stance MA 2, PER 9 Allocate action to activate. Canceled if the character suffers a "D" or "W", walks or dodges. The martial artist goes into a waiting stance, and adds MA to initiative for any approaching target - the attack form must be chosen upon initiating the Discipline and must be stationary.

Rooting MA 5 Concentration to activate, any movement will cancel. For Active defense, use MA to reduce the Effect Value of throws, knockdowns or pushes. Or may use 1/4 MA for Passive Defensive. May not move during round (until next action).

Sticking MA 4, Unarmed 3 To initiate, the character may attempt a Grapple (+2 to hit) or Counter-Sticking; every success level over minimal allows one point of contact. Sticking requires the martial artist to maintain at least two points of contact with the opponent. While in contact, the character may 'read' the opponent's intentions and gains 1/2 MA to parry, resist feints or maneuvers, grapple or Push against that opponent.

Wind Running MA 8, Running 4; AGL 10 Must be running to initiate. +1/4 MA to Running Push, Maneuver and Dodge (while Wind Running), +1/6 MA to Running Limit. +1/2 MA to maneuvers involving Balance and 'light-footed' running.

Invisibility MA 8, Stealth 5 After a round of concentration, while the character is maintaining a stealth concentration, +MA to Stealth.

Shadow Meld MA 5, Stealth 4 After a round of concentration, +3/4 MA to Stealth, but -1/4 MA as penalty to PER and MIN.

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