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Kahn Hill

Page history last edited by Garry Timmons 13 years, 2 months ago

Kahn Hill

Psionic Martial Artist

Home Cosm: Core Earth (trans.)Magic Axiom: 7Spiritual Axiom: 9Social Axiom: 21 Technological Axiom: 23

Possibilities: 18


AttributeApproved ActionsSkillAddAttributeValue
Dexterity: 12ManeuverAcrobatics+2Dexterity14
Strength: 9Martial Arts+3Dexterity15
Toughness: 10Melee Weapons+2Dexterity14
Perception: 10TrickMissile Weapons+1Dexterity13
Mind: 10TestEspionage+1Perception11
Charism: 6TauntPsionic Manipulation+3Perception13
Spirit: 9IntimidatePsionic Resistance+2Mind12
Reality 10Willpower+1Mind11


Psionic PowerDifficultyRangeEffectBonus To
Telekinesis14Skill Value/MetersSkill Value/KilogramsRange
Telekinetic Flight20Self10Duration
Teleportation (Self)28Skill Value +3/Meters12Range


Eternal Flea Martial Arts Style: Known maneuvers - Stop Thrust, Throw, Missile Dodge (Dex +2). Unknown Maneuvers - Serpent's Coils (Dex +3), Instant Up, Jump, Healing, Long Life.


Equipment: Shimsi Sword (Str +5/19 dmg, 15 axiom); 10 Shuriken (Str +3/17, Range: 3-5/10/15, 15 axiom); Darksuit; Sunglasses


Description: 17 years old, 5'3", weighs 109 lbs.


History: Kahn Hill (or 1976 as he is known in the business world of Marketplace/Nippon Tech) is originally a denizen of Marketplace. Shortly after his birth, Kahn’s family was exiled to the streets; his father no longer able to consistently maintain a high profit margin. Soon after, his parents were killed. Kahn, found abandoned, was taken in by street-monks. The monks saw something special in Kahn and began teaching him an almost forgotten, sacred fighting style, genkotsu eta-naru nomi, Fist of the Eternal Flea. Soon, the monks realized Kahn would be important to the fight against the High Lords, so they sent him to Core Earth to fulfill his destiny. Once there, he was set upon by agents of 3327. The High Lord wanted Kahn Hill dead as he had gotten wind of the monk-taught warrior. Mistaking Jason Aari for an agent of 3327, Kahn started a fight against the ninjitsu master and soon learned that the two were fairly evenly matched. Wanting the victory, Jason Aari invoked a reality storm against Kahn Hill. Kahn lost the reality battle and was transformed into the reality of Core Earth, gaining new mental powers in the process that augment his fighting style. Before Jason Aari and Kahn Hill had a chance to finish their fight, they were set upon by the real ninjas sent by 3327. The duo had to team up to defeat the five opponents. Afterwards, they were able to discern the truth and then the two became fast friends.


Quote: "Oh man, you really step in it now!"


Aliases: 1976 (Marketplace)


Played by Mike Glade.

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