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Jason Aari

Page history last edited by Garry Timmons 13 years ago

Jason Aari

Ninjitsu Prodigy

Home Cosm: Core Earth Magic Axiom: 7Spiritual Axiom: 9Social Axiom: 21 Technological Axiom: 23

Possibilities: 15


AttributeApproved ActionsSkillAddAttributeValue
Dexterity: 13ManeuverAcrobatics+1Dexterity14
Strength: 8Fire Combat+3Dexterity16
Toughness: 9Martial Arts+6Dexterity19
Perception: 10TrickMelee Combat+1Dexterity14
Mind: 10Test11Stealth+1Dexterity14
Charism: 7TauntClimbing+1Strength9
Spirit: 9Intimidate10Evidence Analysis+1Perception11
Reality 10Psionic Manipulation+1Perception11
MovementMetersPsionic Resistance+1Mind11
Walk10Test Of Wills+1Mind11


Psionic PowerDifficultyRangeEffectBonus To
Awareness14Skill Value/Meters8Duration


Ninjitsu Martial Arts Style: Known maneuvers - Block/Strike, Lightning Fist, Stun Attack, Missile Dodge, Felling The Oak. Unknown Maneuvers - Invisibility, Weapon Master, True Invisibility.


Equipment: Escrima (Str +4/20 dmg, 7 axiom); Wakizashi (Str +4/18 dmg, 9 axiom); 2 Nickel-Plated 9mm (15 dmg, Range: 3-10/25/40, 22 axiom); Collapsible Bo Staff (Str +3/11 dmg, 13 axiom); White and Black Outfit


Description: 25 years old, 6'4", weighs 180 lbs. African American/Japanese heritage.


History: Jason was born in Japan, in the city of Sendai. Growing up, he never knew his father, only that his last name was Aari and he was Japanese. His mother never really talked about his father. His mother was an African American from the city of Moscow, Idaho. She had moved to Sendai when she married his father. Jason grew up in Sendai. He spent most of his life there. When he was young a chemical truck carrying toxic waste passed through his city. Jason soon discovered his innate psionic ability to detect danger as he jumped aside, narrowly avoiding a falling barrel of the toxic chemical that would have likely killed or impaired him. An old and blind street vagrant in the city who local boys called "Stick" due to his tall thin appearance, took interest in the boy. Soon Jason learned that stick was a master of the art of Ninjitsu. Stick began training the boy in the art and as he grew up he got very good at it. Stick knew that the boy was a prodigy in the fighting form. Soon, after Jason's mother was killed by local yakuza when he was 15, Stick arranged to have Jason train in a monastery a hundred miles away from the city. The boy had become full of rage and hate since his mother's tragic rape and death. He needed to find focus... find a way to hone his skills and help him work past his anger and desire for revenge. It helped a great deal but there was still an anger that burned inside of him. On his 21st birthday he left the monastery against the wishes of the monks there. He went home to Sendai. He tracked down and killed the yakuza agents who killed his mother. Stick was both dissappointed and proud of Jason. While he had not been able to truly rid himself of the anger and desire for revenge, he became a fighting force for justice in the city. He stuck to the shadows of night and protected people from the yakuza. For the next four years Jason acted as a street avenger. Then came the invasion. Japan seemed completely unaffected by the plight of the rest of the world, but that didn't last. Soon Nippon Tech invaded, but its invasion was silent and went almost completely unnoticed. Jason noticed. He left Sendai and traveled to Osaka where he felt the strongest forces of evil. Soon after arriving there, a misunderstanding put him at odds with a hero from the invading cosm named Kahn Hill. The two fought and Jason barely managed to pull out a victory by invoking a reality storm against his opponent. Before the battle had concluded the real enemies appeared. Ninjas sent by the High Lord 3327 had come to assassinate Kahn Hill. Jason helped him fight off the men and they soon reconciled. They have been friends since, traveling Japan trying to help the residents of Earth fight off the invaders.


Quote: "And now I'm going to hurt you."


Aliases: Ghost Dragon


Played by Jose Allen.

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