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Jack Markson-One

Page history last edited by Garry Timmons 13 years, 1 month ago

Jack Markson-One

Bionic Commando





Home Cosm: Kadandra (trans.)Magic Axiom: 2Spiritual Axiom: 5Social Axiom: 25Technological Axiom: 26


Dexterity: 13 (12)

  • Dodge 15(14), Energy Weapons 14(13), Fire Combat 19(18), Heavy Weapons 14(13), Missile Weapons 17(16), Unarmed Combat 14 (13)

Strength: 9 (12)

  • Climbing 10(13),

Toughness: 11

Perception: 10

  • Air Vehicles 11, Cybertech 11, First Aid 11

Mind: 6

Charisma: 7

Spirit: 10

  • Reality 13

Possibilities: 13


Movement: Walk 10, Run 100, Swim 15, Jump 4, Climb 1.5 (10)


Cybernetics: Nervejack; Nanocord; Left Cyberarm (Str +3); Gun Mount (w/ 30' (10 meters) Nanowire Grappling Line, will support up to 400 lbs.; -3 to missile weapons when firing Grappleline; 12 dmg when used as a weapon, 5/15/30)

Cyber Rating: 8


Equipment: Bulletproof Vest (+6/22max; -1 to Dex and Dex skills when worn; 21 axiom) ; Vickers Machine Gun (23 dmg; 3-100/500/1k; 24 axiom); 2 MAC-10 Sub-Machine Guns (18 dmg; 3-15/25/50; 22 axiom); Survival Knife (+1/17max; 7 axiom); Komatsu Requitter (20 dmg; 3-40/200/400; 24 axiom); Spiked Combat Boots (+1 Str/12 max dmg; 21 axiom); Hip Pack (23 axiom); Field Radio (21 axiom); Lucky Pendant ; First Aid Kit (+1 to first aid skill checks; 21 axiom); Black Grease Paint; 10 "Energy" Pills; White Doctor's Coat


Aquired Backpack: 423 Sterling; Trenchcoat; Walther P.88 (15 dmg; 3-10/25/40; 22 axiom); 2 Hand Blades (Str +4/23; 9 axiom); .44 Revolver (15 dmg; 3-5/15/40; 19 axiom); 12 Silvered .44 rounds; 8 Torches (5 axiom); Lighter (20 axiom); Rope; 6 Flares (22 axiom); Moose Lodge Zippo (20 axiom)




History: Jack Markson was an agent for the US government, a secret agent if you will. He went on some pretty impossible missions. He was a one-man army, trained by his mentor whose code name (and the only name Jack knew him by) was Super Joe. A month or so back, after the invasion had a good foothold on the world, Jack had gotten word that his mentor Super Joe had been captured by ninjas (of all things!), and was being held in a compound in Tokyo. He had been assigned to the Delphi Council as a special operative in the war for Core Earth, along with Super Joe. He quickly traveled to Japan, against orders, and tracked down the men responsible. After battling his way through a ton of honest to goodness ninjas he found the room where his friend Super Joe was being held. The man responsible for all of this identified himself as Wyndin Smythe-Two. He had all kinds of cybernetic apparatus attached to his body. Jack had never seen anything like it before. Jack soon learned a horrible truth... he was badly outmatched. Wyndin quickly made Jack regret coming in alone. In a matter of seconds he had been stabbed repeatedly by metallic talons housed inside the mans arms. If that wasn't bad Jack Markson had his arm ravaged by the man's laser pistol. Jack had been forced to use his left arm to shoot with because of the bad cuts to his right. Wyndin shot the gun with his laser causing it to melt all over Jack's hand and forearm. His arm was severly burnt and useless and Jack was near death. Jack needed to save Super Joe... suddenly a storm appeared in the plush office room. It seemed to surround Jack Markson and Wyndin. Jack wasn't sure what it was, but somehow he knew he was the cause for it. He didn't know it then, but he caused his first reality storm. Unfortunately for Jack, Wyndin Smythe-Two was just too strong for him. The battle of wills -- of reality -- came to an end with Jack the loser. In fact, Jack had been transformed somehow. His left hand had been replaced with a cybernetic one and his way of thinking was... different. By losing the reality contest, Jack had been transformed into a native of this stranger's cosm... Kadandra. Out of spite, Wyndin murdered Super Joe while Jack was too weak to stop him. Wyndin hasn't been seen since. For disobeying orders, the Delphi Council has removed him from their standard operations and placed him with a group of Storm Knights in Kentucky. His job is to keep an eye on them and report back all of the goings-on of the group back to the Delphi Council.


Quote: "Drop in behind enemy lines, with no backup. No problem."


Played by Clint Freeman.

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CLINT said

at 3:47 pm on Mar 11, 2009

Jack fires off his bionic grapple, "ZWWAARRK"

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