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File 011: Finding Anastasia Romanov Part 2

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Mission File 011: Finding Anastasia Romanov Part 2

August 2nd, 1990: Having been contacted by the badly wounded Morocco Smith, the heroes prepare themselves for the task of rescuing not only Anastasia Romanov, but also the last team who tried to save her. The heroes track down Morocco Smith and learn the location of Anastasia Romanov and the others. They learn that an elf named Oliver Blackwind is behind the disappearances. They take Morocco Smith to a hospital and then head on their way. They assault the mansion and kill Oliver Blackwind. They free their friends from a terrible possibility draining machine. They even notice that two friends that they didn't expect to find, Mike Glade and Nightraid. They soon return to their base in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Nightraid tells the others that he doesn't plan on staying long. He isn't very interested in staying as part of a group despite the benefit of strength in numbers. Andy hopes to change his mind before he departs wanting to keep his best friend close by.



Personnel Name Home Cosm Starting Possibilities Ending Possibilities
Andrew Joyce Core Earth 14 18
Jack Markson-One Kadandra (trans.) 7 22
Jason Aari Core Earth 6 15
Kahn Hill Core Earth (trans.) 8 18
Liza Beth Nile Empire 19 10




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