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File 010: Finding Anastasia Romanov Part 1

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Mission File 010: Finding Anastasia Romanov Part 1

July 31st, 1990: Having lost her way in the Living Land, Lara eventually got out and made her way back to the Nile Empire. While there she meets back up with some of her old traveling companions and their new friend, a ravagon named Brak. While they relax in a bar, they notice a man in leopard skins running down the road trying to fight off a small contingent of ravagon soldiers. He is slightly injured and in need of help. The heroes rush outside to assist him. It doesn’t take much for them to fight off the ravagons. Saka Att thanks them and introduces himself. He tells then that he is searching for a friend of his named Anastasia Romanov. His search led him to a man named Oliver Blackwind. Shortly after finding out that he may be involved, he was set upon by the ravagons that they helped to defeat. After some more research the heroes are able to locate Oliver’s mansion on the outskirts of Cairo. They engage the 10 guardians in the yard in battle. They are called Tainted Ones, powerful creatures from Aysle. The fight takes a lot out of the heroes and they almost fail to breach the security. They do not make it through the front doors of the house. They are jumped and beaten. Only Morocco Smith manages to get away to lick his wounds. Knowing that he needs to get his friends out, but not sure how, Morocco does the only thing he can do - calls for help.

Personnel NameHome CosmStarting PossibilitiesEnding Possibilities
Lara CroftCore Earth1822
Morocco SmithCore Earth1316
PretenderNile Empire107
Rolfe WolfeOrrosh1013
Saka AttLand Below1917

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