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File 007: Divine Wind

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Mission File 007: Divine Wind

July 22nd, 1990: While taking her new team back to America to try and meet back up with Andy and the others, Lara learns that Wyn Shou and Ken-Leh-Wah are currently in Japan. She sets her new partners up with everything they need to locate Andrew Joyce and then sets off to Japan to meet back up with Wyn and Ken. She catches back up with them at Wyn’s monastery. He is undergoing two tests. Passing them he is taught new maneuvers to help him in his journeys. While there Wyn Shou receives an invitation to a Rauru Block meeting at Allied Technologies. A crazed man rushes into the room with his briefcase. Wyn notes his unusual demeanor and starts to chase the man. He clutches the briefcase to his chest and rushes towards the stage. Wyn shouts a warning but it comes too late. As the man gets up on the stage he explodes killing everyone on stage and in the first two rows of the large auditorium. The heroes then aid in helping people recover and heal. They are met by a startled man who doesn’t understand why such an upstanding member of the Rauru Block would do such a horrible thing. They learn that there have been three similar kamikaze attacks. A karate club, a day care center and a company picnic.Not through a lack of trying they can find no connection. Then they learn that Eiji Morita, the auditorium bomber, had just gotten back from a business trip in Saitama. Thinking this important they then find out that the man who attacked the Karate Club commuted to work in Saitama everyday. They only learn that he was mid-level management at a chemical plant. Eiji had also been going to a chemical plant, but the heroes could not learn which one. The heroes are told that Saitama is little more than a university town so they decide to take a bullet train to Saitama. After all how hard could it be to find a chemical plant in such a small town. While trying to board the train they are approached and subsequently attacked by three Yakuza soldiers from the Haragawa family. The battle is rough, and Wyn is severely wounded, but thanks to Lara’s shooting and Wyn’s ability to summon rats they overpower the soldiers. They learn very little from the one surviving soldier other than that they were paid by a spy inside the Rauru Block. They board the train and leave the survivor as food for the rats.

Upon arriving in Saitama their hearts sink. What they had heard was a small university town was a huge mega-corporate city now, mostly owned by Kanawa. There was no way that they’d find the chemical plant without a name, so they grudgingly went back. They go to the police and find that all the files pertaining to all the kamikaze cases are gone. The bar that they met the lone survivor of the karate club incident has been blown up, along with the library where they did their initial research. They are forced to find a new research point, where they stumble across the fact that the woman who bombed the picnic was a temp. Her last assignment was for Toranaga Chemicals in Saitama. Now armed with a name they go back to Saitama. They survey the area and note the high defenses on the single story building. With that knowledge they return and arm themselves with better rifles. They return to the company, aiming to break in and discover it’s dark secrets inside. The assault on the now heavily fortified area goes poorly. Outgunned and outnumbered, the heroes are beaten. Wyn Shou has his head blown off, while Ken suffers a bad wound. Lara drags Ken off in an attempt to save him. The chemical plant explodes shortly thereafter taking all evidence of their Project: Divine Wind with it. Ken dies from severe blood loss before Lara can save him.

Personnel NameHome CosmStarting PossibilitiesEnding Possibilities
Ken-Leh-WahNippon Tech15Dead
Lara CroftCore Earth2215
Wyn ShouNippon Tech15Dead

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