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File 003: The Cruise

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Mission File 003: The Cruise


July 20th, 1990: After barely surviving the storm that separated them from the others, Shul, Andrew Joyce, Captain Lefleur, Ken & Wyn Shou float aimlessly around in the ocean for several days on what was left of the seaplane. A military vessel that takes them to the Caribbean Islands finally rescues them. Captain Lefleur says his goodbyes and parts company. Wyn Shou puts his things together and tells the others that he must return to Japan to take a test in his Martial Arts. Shul and Ken head back to Kentucky where Ken hopes to meet back up with Lara Croft and Ace Rogers, if they survived the wreck and were able to make it back. Andrew Joyce, however gets wind that a cruise ship will be departing soon and needs some Storm Knight body guards. He decides to go ahead and take on the job protecting a council of the world’s greatest minds. The only other Storm Knight to take the job is a hero from the Nile Empire. An Amazon named Liza Beth. A girl who gets on the wrong ship gets stuck on board the vessel and ends up rooming with a vampire named Lord Bonterre. Eventually she crosses paths with the Storm Knights while investigating a series of murders on the ship. Many suspects present themselves. Sergeant West, Lord Bonterre, Brother Pierre, The Dark Shadow and many others. . . perhaps even a Storm Knight is responsible. The Dark Shadow escapes conflict, and the heroes prepare to take on the vampire on board. Though the battle is rough the heroes, aided by Sergeant West and the young Billy Mondragon. They cut off his head and stake him, giving him true death. The murders cease for the evening. The next morning, the conference goes on as planned. About an hour into the meeting the door is barred and the lights go out. Lady Yuka and her ninja assassins get to work trying to finish off the rest of the scientists and the meddling Storm Knights. Lady Yuka and several of her ninja’s are killed. Some are captured. The heroes head back to Andrew’s base of operations in Kentucky, with plans of taking Jennifer to Atlanta Georgia afterwards to get her back to her parents.


Personnel NameHome CosmStarting PossibilitiesEnding Possibilities
Andrew JoyceCore Earth1326
Billy MondragonCore Earth1019
Jennifer MinorCore Earth1026
Liza BethAysle825
Sergeant John WestCore Earth418

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