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File 002: Terror Island

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Mission File 002: Terror Island

July 16th, 1990: Our heroes are trying to make it back to the site of a rendezvous with a Nile Empire refueling plane after destroying the Gaunt Man’s infernal machine. Before they leave the borders of Orrosh, they are caught in a bad storm. Their left wing is caught by a burst of lightning and the plane begins to spiral. Captain Lefleur is knocked unconscious and Captain Ace Rogers has to take over the controls. After a terrible struggle, he finally gets control of the plane and brings it down for a hard landing. The plane breaks up for the most part and the heroes have to salvage anything and everything they can while trying to put on the remaining diving suits. The storm continues to rage on as they fight the high waters to make it to a small island. Only two make the trip. Lara Croft and Captain Ace Rogers. The others are apparently lost to the depths of the ocean. As they get to shore, the heroes try desperately to scavenge anything they can. There is little for them to collect. Lara Croft only has her two Berettas, and Ace only has his tape recorder. The Sound Gun that Ace Rogers had taken from Professor Shariff washes onto the shore, and Lara helps make a crude sword for Ace. They are interrupted with a cry for help. The heroes rush in to help a group of Victorians. They team up to search the island for anyone who may have survived the plane crash and the old shipwreck. Their search gains them the knowledge that the island is alive. After searching the island, finding the shipwreck and losing most of their crew, the heroes finally discover a clearing containing just a statue. The spirit of a demon possesses the statue and it attacks. The heroes are hard pressed to destroy the creature, but when they do the whole island begins to shake and fall apart. They only barely make it back to the boat. They return to the Victorians ship, and sail into the night.

Personnel NameHome CosmStarting PossibilitiesEnding Possibilities
Andrew JoyceCore Earth1213
Captain Ace RogersCore Earth1723
Ken-Leh-WahNippon Tech1415
Lara CroftCore Earth1020
Rolf WolfeOrrosh1010
ShulNile Empire89
Wyn ShouNippon Tech910

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