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File 000: The First Attack

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Mission File 000: The First Attack


January 7th, 1990: Before Tharkhold tried to invade the Soviet Union. Before Baruk Kahh dropped a bridge in the middle of a baseball diamond, another high lord tried to invade Earth to steal the possibilities for herself. Mary Of The Purple Hair, the high lord of the Necromunda Cosm launched an invasion in Texas. Due to the work of three young kids, the Cosm was stopped. Andrew Joyce, Scott Taggart, and Mike Glade were able to effectively repel the invasion and destroy one of the three stelae before the transformations could take hold. In the process of trying to stop the invasion, Mike was transformed into a denizen of the Necromunda cosm. He gained strange cybernetics, which also included bonding him to the horse that the kids had stolen while trying to escape the spyres and unusual creatures hunting them through the streets of Universal City. Mary of the Purple Hair claimed that Andrew Joyce was her sworn enemy and killed his family in the process of the invasion. To this day he hasn’t figured out why she was after him, but he is now working towards putting a team together out of fear of another possible invasion.


Personnel NameHome CosmStarting PossibilitiesEnding Possibilities
Andrew JoyceCore Earth1014
Mike GladeCore Earth1011
Scott “Nightraid” TaggartCore Earth1015

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