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FAR part 2 11-10-06

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"Finding Anastasia Romanov" Part 2 (11/03/06)

Scene One: The Arrival


Jason Aari moves into the building and handcuffs the security guard to the handle on the door. He rises and loks out to see what progress the others have made.


Jack quietly asks Liza, "I don't think the ninja can steal that car, how do you feel about taking some horses? These might be too panicked?" He still looks ready to start letting them loose.


"That is fine and the way things look we my have to. But we need to try and calm them down first." Then she carefully moves over to the horse talking calmly and rubbing her hand on it to calm it down. Jack helps the amazon calm the horses.


Kahn exclaims as he exits the car, "Dis stupid caw broken! Kahn can no make wuk!" He continues, "Summun ess gotta get caw now. Kahn have headache!" Then addressing Jack and the Amazon as they try unsuccessfully to calm the horses, "Kahn eat hoss, no ride hoss!"


While the others are busy with their own tasks, Andrew looks at where Kahn was working. He recalls seeing cars being hotwired in movies several times, so he figures he might as well give it a shot. He too has no luck starting the vehicle, perhaps Andrew needs to find a thief to come work for them. Just as he is about to give up, the engine turns over. He's got it going, much to his own surprise.


The heroes can hear the sounds of many footfalls coming from the other side of the building, back where they had first come from. They are approaching rapidly.


When you play a subploy card into your pool (like Jack just did with the Nemesis card) you are activating the subplot. It is recommended (although not necessary) to suggest a way for the subplot to affect you. Because this adventure will be a one Act adventure, I will not be accepting Subplots, so you might as well turn any you get in for a possibility (as I awarded Jack when I discarded his Nemesis subplot). Remember, a subplot will only affect you for one adventure unless a Campaign card is played by someone targeting the subplot in question.


Hearing the car start and the footstep rapidly coming closer to then Liza Beth rushes over to the front passager side door and opens it quickly and gets in and Looks at Andrew with a smile and says "Great work here but I think we really need to go now!!Then see looks over to the outers and says" Come on guys hurry ya'll butt up and get in before it's too late!!!"




Jack takes off at full speed following the amazon, making sure he is last in the back passenger side, to assure him a window to fire from. First action, is there someway to make this a maneuver and get a possibility? What does Maneuver mean anyways, the FAQ is unclear...; play my remaining card to my pool.


Doing an approved action doesn't earn you a possibility, it earns you a new card for your hand. Maneuver is a Dexterity skill used to exhaust an opponent, getting him to waste energy, putting him at a severe disadvantage over the length of the fight. Basically it is your ability to maneuver versus an opponent's ability to maneuver. A good example would be a smaller boxer battling a larger boxer. He bobs and weaves a lot, getting his opponent to throw strong punches that won't land, to get him to wear himself down. You use this skill to give your opponent a disavantage (if you are successful) possibily making him fight unskilled, giving him fatigue, Stymie, a setback or even combinations of multiple results. Hope that clears that up. In this case you do not have an opponent to maneuver against.


Andrew hears the approaching footsteps as he sets the car in gear and prepares the car for a quick retreat. "Jack, Jason, as soon as you get in, be ready to provide cover fire if necessary." Andrew hands Liza Beth the handful of smoke pellets he grabbed out earlier. "Liza Beth, here's a little something to aid our getaway." Andrew takes off the force field generator so he can sit easier in the driver's seat. "By the way, anyone who's providing cover firemay want to use that thing."


I intend to start driving once Jack, Kahn, and Jason get in the car. Once that happens, I'll use my Land Vehicles skill--I'll spend a Possibility on the skill use if I get a 9 or less on the die roll. I'll also play Card #42 to boost the number of actions I can do this round even further (if possible) so that I can: (1) Get the car ready to drive [I don't intend to attempt a getaway in Park or with the Emergency Brake on}; (2) Give Liza Beth the smoke pellets; (3) take off the force field generator; and (4) get the heck out of dodge once everyone's in the car.


Heroes are flurry once again, giving them two actions in the round.


Jason makes his way to the car and gets in. A wry smile playing acrosse his face as he pulls out a pair of elaborate pistols covering everyones 'six'.

No cardplay for this unless I need to.


Jack pulls up his M-16, flicking the selector fire to burst, he then fires a burst at the ground where the footsteps should be coming around the building. He then gets in, "That should give them something to think about before rounding that corner." Use a possibility to avoid failure/crit miss on a 1; can I play my master plan card to get the Nemesis card back now?


Yes, you can. Let me also point out that in your statement, you want to use a possibility to avoid a critical failure on a 1. Unfortunately, the weapon you are using is Tech axiom 22, while the land is Tech axiom 21. This means that according to the laws of the Nile empire, that gun should not function. Should you roll a 1, you will be creating a contradiction that has been silenced. There is no way to stop a disconnection through use of a possibility (or even a Secon Chance card). Once that one comes up, you are disconnected -- end of story (a 1-4 if the item you are using is a contradiction to the land AND yourself). Just wanted to give you a heads up on that.


Kahn stares for a moment at Andrew in sheer disbelief, marvelling at his defeat of the obviously superior technology (the car). "Das pretty good shuhan! Not even Kahn defeat technagee dat tuff!" After being brought back to reality by the gunfire, Kahn gets into the vehicle (Stuck inna seat nex to stupid gurl! Dis gonna be long ride!).

OOC: No cardplay this round...


Deadline is Monday, November 13th

Game Data

Everyone except Mike have recieved new hands

Initiative Order: Jason Aari; Jack Markson; Kahn Hill; Liza Beth; Andrew Joyce

Action Stack: {Standard Scene}

Andrew Joyce

Possibilities: 12

Conditions: None

Damage: None

Cards In Play:

Jack Markson

Possibilities: 8

Conditions: None

Damage: None

Cards In Play:

Jason Aari

Possibilities: 6

Conditions: None

Damage: K

Cards In Play:

Kahn Hill

Possibilities: 6

Conditions: None

Damage: K; 3 Shock (psi)

Cards In Play:

Liza Beth

Possibilities: 19

Conditions: None

Damage: None

Cards In Play:

Discard Deck:


If any of you have a Master Plan card, you can use it to retrieve any of the above cards. I will only display the last 5 discarded cards.

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