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FAR part 2 06-21-07

Page history last edited by Garry Timmons 13 years, 3 months ago

"Finding Anastasia Romanov" Part 2 (06/21/07)


Scene Four: Oliver Blackwind


Andrew thinks he has the hang of the machine when things take a turn for the worse. The output patterns suddenly changed, as if the lack of feedback/connection to the wizard interrupted the natural workings of the weird device. What seemed like an easy task a few seconds ago has now become daunting.


And without word or sound, Jason spins and fires both pistols on two troopers trying to draw on Jack, but he is too worried about showmanship over accuracy and misses his targets. Shit, thinks Jack Markson-One, disconnected! He holds on to the gun and concentrates on reconnecting, but he is unable to reconnect to Kadandra.


"So, I see that the rest of you are too dumb to take me up on my offer and for that you all will die." says Liza Beth then she charges up to the nearest shocktropper and attacks his with her sword. She runs him through with ease. The shocktrooper falls to the ground clutching the massive tunnel that has been left in his gut. He gurgles once and dies.


The remaining seven soldiers open fire, splitting their attacks mostly evenly amongst the heroes. An extra soldier chooses to shoot at Liza Beth who seems to be the biggest threat in the group. Bullets fly all around the room. A bullet grazes Jason Aari, opening a tear in his shoulder, but doing little but causing some pain. Bullets bounce off of Liza's beast plate once again, narrowly missing her exposed flesh.


Here are the steps involved in fixing/shutting down the machine properly:

Step A: Understanding the controls (Difficulty Value: 11) COMPLETE

Step B: Finding the Malfunction (Difficulty Value: ?)

Step C: Stopping the malfunctioning systems (Difficulty Value: ?)

Step D: Shutting the system down properly/freeing the captives (Difficulty Value: ?)




The villains have initiative and are flurry this round, which means that they will get two attacks before you can act this round. The approved actions are Defend and Trick. Andrew can finally attempt Skill Check B this round. Remember, the complication has increased the difficulty values of the checks.


Andrew thinks he understands the new output pattern, and now searches for a way to determine which system is malfunctioning.


I'll attempt Skill Check B (hopefully with Mike's assistance), using the Science skill. I'll use a Possibility on die rolls of 9 or lower or 11-15 for this Skill Check. I'll also spend Possibilities to negate damage and prevent any other bad stuff from occuring to me or Khan during the Skill Check attempt.



Khan passed out from Shock last round so he'll be no help, but as I stated last round, your skills are not close enough together in scope to be able to help each other.


Liza Beth keeps on attacking the shocktroopers in hopes to take them down fast so no more of her teammates get hurt.



play card 98 to hand and use possablility to nagate damage and one if needed to my attack.




The now less than bionic commando has a bad feeling about the stormtroopers who appear to be rallying. He goes on the defensive, holding tight to his gun, the key to his reconnection. Jack Markson-One wonders where Andrew and the other ninja could be.
Use the Opponent Fails should someone manage to hurt me.
Use a possibility to negate damage from opponents should it get through to me (but not from shock on a narrator draw)
How bad did I roll to fail two connection attempts and have burned a possibility?



The first time around you hit on a 6 on the die. The second time around you rolled an 11, I did not roll a possibility for it because you asked for a possibility to be spent on a roll of 2-9 on the second try.


Ghost Dragon draws a bead on two soldiers that fired on him. "And now I'm going to hurt you."  And without further preamble fires.


|'More worried about showing... gah, no sense of cinematic style! I'd gotten cool points in Cyberpunk. I think.  Anywhoo, firing on the two as stated. |



Deadline is Sunday, June 24th



No new hands


Initiative Order: Jason Aari; Jack Markson-One; Kahn Hill; Liza Beth; Andrew Joyce


Action Stack: {Dramatic Scene} 5 Posts until the next Shock Point recovery.


Andrew Joyce

Possibilities: 9

Conditions: None

Damage: 3 Shock

Cards In Hand: 4

Cards In Play:

Jack Markson-One

Possibilities: 7

Conditions: None

Damage: 3 Shock

Cards In Hand: 0

Cards In Play:

Jason Aari

Possibilities: 0

Conditions: None

Damage: O; 6 Shock

Cards In Hand: 4

Cards In Play:

Kahn Hill

Possibilities: 3

Conditions: None

Damage: WND; K; 10 Shock

Cards In Hand: 2

Cards In Play:

Liza Beth

Possibilities: 6

Conditions: None

Damage: 3 Shock

Cards In Hand: 2

Cards In Play:

Discard Deck:



If any of you have a Master Plan card, you can use it to retrieve the first card listed above. I will only display the last 5 discarded cards.


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