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FAR Part 2 - Scene Four - Oliver Blackwind

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"Finding Anastasia Romanov" Part 2


Scene Four: Oliver Blackwind


Andrew steps out of the way, and readies his rifle after Khan's failed attempt to manipulate the lock. "Well, I'd prefer a more subtle, stealthy way, but I think the subtlety option may have been thrown out when we had to mow down those `pogs and giants. Have at it."


Jack continues to cover the door, "Ladies first," he motions for the amazon at the door.


Kahn waits patiently for the door to be opened with his sword drawn. Jason follows Khan's example by drawing both pistols.


Liza Beth smiles and says, "why thank you Jack."


She walks up to the door and grabs it, the metal begins to bend under the strain of her muscles. She then jerks the door trying to pull it open. It tears loose from the hinges. Bits and pieces of hinge and lock tumble down the stairs making a minor noise as they clang and roll to a stop. The rending of metal as it was torn free was much more noticeable.


Looking through the doorway, they can see a long dark staircase leading down. It is easily 50 feet down, and it seems to end at a wall at the bottom. The room seems to open up around a corner at the bottom of the stairs. A flickering blue light is the only visible source of illumination. A crackling of electricty can also be heard from below. The crackling sound seems to be in synch with the flashing blue lighting.


The scene is slightly eerie.


Andrew looks down the dark descent. "Jason, Khan, do you think you can make your way down that staircase with what little light there is? I figure whoever's down there may know we're here, but I want someone to scout ahead so we aren't taken completely by surprise."


"Shue ting, shuhan!" Kahn replies to Andrew as he stealthfully maneuvers down the staircase, wary of any possible enemies. Jason shadows Khan as he slowly moves down the stairs.


Jack Markson-One repositions himself to be able to cover the other entries into the room, from the way they came and the back door, each one with a different hand. "Anyone could have heard that ruckus," he says quietly, as he covers the doors.


Liza Beth moves back and keeps an eye on the other two doors. Liza, Jack and Andrew wait in the kitchen at the top of the stairs as they await Jason and Khan's discovery. As they reach the bottom, Khan peers around the corner to get a better look. He only manages a momentary glimpse before he has to jerk his head back. He barely avoids a burst of mystical lightning sent his way by Oliver Blackwind. Khan didn't get a wonderful look, but he did notice that the blue elf was hovering in mid air. Electricity was crackling all around him. He had some sort of headband atop his head with wires running from it. Behind him, can could see tubes containing other people -- naked people. There was also a computer bank underneathe the people in stasis.


"More batteries have come to my lab!!" shouts the evil sorcerer. A build-up of electricity can be heard coming from the room.


Jack hears the electrical surge, "That can't be good," he states. He looks to Andrew waiting for the plan.


Jason doesn't wait for orders of any kind. His guns pop out from his sleeves, and he turns the corner and charges full on into the strange lab. He gets a better view of everything now. The elf hovers in mid-air, seemingly attached by the skull to the bank of stasis tubes and computers behind him. Electricity crackles all around him, almost looking like a shield of energy. There are many people in the stasis tubes behind the mad elf, none that Jason knows or recognizes personally. There are 8 tubes total, each filled with a bright green liquid that has begun to reflect the blue of the electrical discharge. There are five men, two women and one ravagon in the tubes, each with hoses and masks covering their mouth and nostrils, but wearing nothing else. They float in the unknown fluid, apparently sleeping. Two of the men look to be children, no older than Andrew is.


Oliver Blackwind does not fire a burst of lightning as Jason Aari had expected. Instead he seems to have a revolver in his hand. Having been waiting for an opponent to show his face, Oliver pulls the trigger as Jason raises his own guns. The attack is unexpected and catches Jason unaware. He is thrown backwards by the force of the shot, back into the hallway he had just left. He slams hard back into the wall next to Khan and slides to the ground.


"Okay, we definly have a prolem heya, shuhan!" Kahn states, "Sum hep wood be kekkou!"


Despite the obvious pain from the shoulder wound, Jason Aari quickly gets himself to his feet. He looks at the wound as best as he can and then at his guns still held, but never fired.


Up top, Jack Markson begins comparing the hallway and the floor, trying to discern the best place to try and shoot through the floor and into the room beyond, perhaps to make himself a new entrance, or just to allow a safer vantage point from which to fire on the midnight-blue skinned sorerer. It's twenty feet from his current position to the bottom of the stairwell. He can't tell how much of that space is occupied by the floor, or what materials are underneath the expossed wood flooring. If he knew where Oliver was standing at, he'd have a better chance to hit, but he hasn't yet seen the Aysle refugee. He has an approximate location of where he could shoot to try to get into the room, but he's still unsure of how difficult that would be.


"All right Andrew, what should we do now?" asks Liza Beth as she keeps watch, making sure no one else is being attracted by the sounds of the conflict.


Andrew looks at the others, switching the assault rifle to burst fire. "Damn it, didn't think the fight would start this early... Figured there'd be an ambush followed by a villainous monologue before we got to this part."


Khan looks at the injury suffered by Jason, and remembers the bolt of lightning that nearly took his own head off. Not wanting to give Oliver a second chance at what he tried before, Kahn pictures the elf in his head and begins to concentrate on his headband in an effort to mentally pull it off of the elf. Khan sees the headband fly off and smack into one of the glass stasis tubes behind him.


Jason watches as the strange headgear relieves itself from Oliver Blackwind's head. The elf seems slightly startled by the sudden occurance. The strange electrical field dissipates afterwards, leaving the only lightsource being the green glow from the stasis tubes and several lights and switches on the many computer banks.


"GAH! My Cranial Possibility Transmodulator!" shouts Oliver Blackwind. The stress of the situation is certainly taking it's toll on the heroes. This was not the fight they were expecting. Oliver quickly returns the headband to his head and immediately the electrical field reforms, also returning the illumination to the room. A surge of energy seems to travel up the stasis tubes and then down the cables leading to Oliver's head. "Ahhh... that's better..."


He then returns his attention to his intruders.


Jason grimaces behind his mask and begins to take careful aim...


"Okay, let's give them some help. "I'd hate to get trapped down there, but I don't want Khan and Jason to get slaughtered. Don't know if the others are down there, so I don't know if just tossing explosives in the room might be a viable solution, either. I need to see what's going on." says Andrew.


"You guys go ahead. I'll cover the rear and follow you all down in a moment." says Jack as he keeps his weapons pointed at the back door expecting someone to burst through them at any minute.


Kahn thinks to himself, "That was most ineffective, perhaps I must focus my efforts upon another target..."


He then begins to concentrate on one of the plastic tubes leading to the glass stasis tubes, attempting to disconnect it from the stasis end. If he can disconnect one of them, maybe he can disconnect all of them. He'll start with one to gauge the difficulty, then if it's easy enough, he'll attempt the remaining seven. The coupling pulls free from the stasis tube with the ravagon in it. There is a small energy dispersal as it happens. The electrical field around Oliver seems to wane a bit.


Liza Beth nods to Jack and Andrew and speeds down the stairs as quickly as she can. with her blessed sword drawn she moves past Khan and Jason and skirts the energy field in the room. She finds a way around it and swings her weapon at Oliver Blackwind.


"Gah!" shouts Oliver Blackwind as Liza's sword traces a red line across his cheek.


Andrew quickly heads down the stairs at the sound of the fighting. He chances a peek around the corner and notices all his missing friends are here. He also notices a couple he doesn't recognize like the ravagon, but his attention is drawn to the first two tubes. When he saw Scott's walking staff, he had suspicions, but it is confirmed when he sees his best friend floating in the stasis pod. Mike, his other missing friend, floats in the tube next to him.


Alert, Jack notices the five nile shocktroopers as they burst in through the back door. All five open fire on Jack Markson-One. They barely miss Jack as the bullets begin perferating the walls and furniture around the stairwell leading to the lab.


"Do you really think you are a match for me girl?!" Oliver shouts down at Liza Beth. "You are NOTHING!" he taunts her.


Jason fires his gun after carefully aiming at the headband. The bullet shoots through the air and gets deflected by the energy field shielding the villain from most of his assailants. A massive amount of gunfire can be heard upstairs, where they left Jack.


Jack Markson-One quickly dodges to behind the large cooking island for some cover and opens up with both of his Mac-10's on the lead storm trooper. He grins, knowing this battle is going to be tough, but when this wave is down, he should be able to help the rest of the Pendragon storm knights. The lead trooper is deft enough to avoid the shots made against him.


"Yes, I know that I am better then you will ever be" retorts Liza Beth as she ignores his taunts.


Having success with one pod, Kahn decides to disconnect the remaining seven pods at their stasis end. Maybe that will weaken the wizard enough to spell his defeat. The strain is too much and Khan is staggered as his head flares with pain. He feels as if he is about to pass out from the sheer agony in his skull. Perhaps he tried too much...


Liza Beth once again attacks Blackwind. Oliver easily dodges her attack, smiling all the way. "Are you sure about that?" asks the wicked sorcerer.


Andrew's temper gets the best of him at seeing his friends being used as batteries by the villain. "Yeah, quite a threat from a pathetic stage magician who looks like a glowing colostomy bag. What's your plan for world conquest? Getting extension hoses?"


"World conquest... not interested. I'm more of a personal power kind of elf." explains Oliver as he ignores Andrew's taunts and insults.


"Yes I am sure that I am strong enough to take you out, you have just been lucky for now..." says Liza Beth as her armor deflects a bullet fired from the old elf's .22 revolver at point blank range. He scoffs at the miss.


There is another surge of energy that flows down the conduits and into Oliver's headband. There seems to be a steady pulse of energy of some sort. Oliver did call them batteries, perhaps he is somehow draining the life... the essence of the imprisoned Renegades.


Jack Markson-One quits smiling, Shit, I missed. He squats down using the island for cover as he rethinks how to deal with these shock troopers while still keeping an eye on them. The island provides him plenty of cover from their sloppy attacks with their rifles. He knows that if he can get a clear shot, he'll be able to take them down easy enough. After all, they don't even bother to wear armor, just their traditional white skirts and sandals along with their ceremonial egyptian headress. Sadly, what they lack in armor, they make up for in numbers.


Frustrated by his taunt's lack of effectiveness, Andrew takes cover best as he can while trying to figure out a way to help his friends trapped in the device.


Jason jumps up and launches a flying kick at Blackwind. "You hurt my friend. Now, I'm angry." He slams into the blue field, unable to penetrate it. He collapses to the ground unharmed. He will have to move around the field like Liza Beth did if he wants to attack Oliver alongside her.


Despite the pain of psychic backlash, Kahn continues his attempt to disconnect the remaining seven pods at their stasis end. He hopes that freeing the pods will weaken the wizard enough to ensure his allies’ victory. He reaches out with his mind and he can feel them starting to move, but Khan lets up with an exaspurated sigh. So close... he was so close, but he felt the strain of his psychic powers bearing down on him and had to stop to avoid hurting himself further.


Liza Beth jams her sword up at the hovering sorcerer. It impales him through the stomach and she drives it in all the way to the hilt. Oliver gains a surprised look on his face. A look of disbelief. The look is a brief one as blood spills from his gaping maw and the life fades from his face. Oliver Blackwind drops to the ground clutching Liza's sword, still in his gut. The blue field of energy collapses, though energy still seems to be flooding into Oliver at regular intervals. Oliver gurgles and convulses one last time, before finally giving up his life.


Before the heroes have a chance to celebrate, there are a barrage of sparks from the computer banks. The illuminated fluid in the tanks changes color from green to red. Monitors begin to cry out with warning lights and error messages. The life support systems on the tanks are failing. If they shut down completely, the captured Pendragon Renegades could very well die in those tanks of strange solution.


Surprised and relieved by Blackwind's death, Andrew starts to worry once the pods begin to malfunction. He can hear gunfire still blasting away upstairs. It's very apparent that Jack hasn't been able to finish off whoever stormed into the room above. Bullets tear into the kitchen island, starting to shred Jack's cover. Eventually, their gunfire will bite through the wood and marble and strike him. It's very clear that he cannot remain behind this cover forever.


Ghost Dragon dusts himself off, rolling his neck around popping vertibrae and the kinks out of his neck. He looks over to Andrew who is eyeing the computers. It is obvious he is trying to figure out what to do about it. "Khan? If you're not too tired napping on the floor? Help shut this system down. Amazon? Beth? I believe its up to us to help our commando friend finish the 'clean-up work' as it were. Join me?"


"Sure thing, that is what I was just thinking too." says Liza Beth as she quickly looks at her friends in the pods and then to Andrew.


And with that, Jason charges up stairs leaping into the fray. He keeps low as he charges up the stairs and into the room above, making sure to duck and weave to avoid any incoming fire. At first, the enemies are too busy shooting up the cover that Jack has put himself behind to fire on Jason. They quickly notice the ninja and turn their weapons to aim at this new, and less protected, target.


Seeing his brother in arms out in the open, Jack Markson-One pops up from his crouch and unloads his right hand gun at the lead stormtrooper on full auto. His shot strikes the lead shocktrooper in the chest, dropping him, and reducing their total to 9. Liza Beth charges up the stairwell to join the combat right after Jack takes down one of the guards, who had begun to spread out in the kitchen in an effort to move around and surround Jack before the combat situation changed. Liza Beth and Jason Aari have nowhere they can duck for cover, leaving them both out in the open at nearly point blank range. An easy shot even for nameless thugs such as those standing before them.


Khan stands, leaning against the nearby wall for support. He wants to join Jason in the fight, but knows that he over extertedhimself in the fight against Blackwind. He looks over to Andrew, to see what the young leader might do. Andrew rushes into the room, examining the machinery for a way to solve this new problem. Looking over the controls, they seem easy enough to understand. Simple buttons, switches and toggles, nothing too sophisticated. Now all he has to do is find the malfunction, stop it, and then determine how best to free his trapped friends... hopefully without killing them first...


The shocktrooper that Jack shot seems to be recovering, perhaps he wasn't as injured by the attack as Jack had initially thought. The Nile shocktroopers pick their targets and open fire.


The injured shocktrooper stands up, picking up his weapon as the others open up, divding their attention amongst the three targets evenly. The kitchen island protects Jack once again from the troops that have chosen to fire their weapons at him. Likewise, as Jason charges forward the bullets spray all around him, never coming close. More bullets bounce off of Liza Beth's armor, without piercing it. The shock troopers are becoming obviously flustered at their lack of efficiency at such short range.


His guns flashing in his hands, Ghost Dragon leaps into the largest cluster of shock troopers, shooting and twirling both guns and feet in an elaborate display of martial art prowess, without actually intending to shoot any of them. The soldiers do not seem impressed in the slightest by his swift movements.


Jack Markson-One raises up his other Mac-10, the one that is not now empty and lets another clip-emptying full auto blast at the shocktrooper furthest away from the melee combatants. He drops dead, falling through the open doorway leading outside.


Liza Beth stands there staring at the shocktroopers with her sword at the ready to quickly move and attack if need be. While staring at the hostile agents of Mobius she says, "If you know what is good for you, you all will just turn around and leave this place now or you will end up dead like the crazy elf down there."


Then she nods to the basement to emphasize her point. Like with Jason, most of the troopers just seem to ignore her, preparing for their next attack. One shocktrooper, however, throws down his weapon and runs out the back door.


Kahn, still a little groggy from the psychic backlash, decides he would be best used by ATTEMPTING to assist Andrew. He has moved up next to Andy in an attempt to examine the machine. Andrew realizes that despite the apparent simplicity of the controls, interpreting them correctly poses a problem. He justs needs to observe the machine for a moment to understand just what the machine's output means. "Khan, I may need your help with this thing in a moment, but catch your breath and keep an eye out for any problems. I think I got the hang of this thing."


Back upstairs, Jack drops both empty Mac-10's on the top of the island and pulls out Super Joe's Machine Gun. He opens up on the lead stormtrooper who was recovering with a burst, but as he pulls the trigger there is simply a click as the weapon refuses to function. The machine gun slams into the kitchen island with a thud as his cybernetic arm goes dead. Jack's way of thinking starts to waver and change a bit as his own reality fades from him and the reality of the Nile Empire takes hold. He then takes a moment to wonder where the others are and if they found the survivors of the other team. That will have to wait however until he figures out what has gone wrong and how to fix it.


For a moment Khan feels better, at least a little. The stress of the situation takes its toll on Khan though, and he collapses to the ground from fatigue, stress and pain. Electricity begins arcing off the control panel as Andy observes it and Khan. This has just become more complicated than it already was.


Andrew thinks he has the hang of the machine when things take a turn for the worse. The output patterns suddenly changed, as if the lack of feedback/connection to the wizard interrupted the natural workings of the weird device. What seemed like an easy task a few seconds ago has now become daunting.


And without word or sound, Jason spins and fires both pistols on two troopers trying to draw on Jack, but he is too worried about showmanship over accuracy and misses his targets. Shit, thinks Jack Markson-One, disconnected! He holds on to the gun and concentrates on reconnecting, but he is unable to reconnect to Kadandra.


"So, I see that the rest of you are too dumb to take me up on my offer and for that you all will die." says Liza Beth then she charges up to the nearest shocktropper and attacks his with her sword. She runs him through with ease. The shocktrooper falls to the ground clutching the massive tunnel that has been left in his gut. He gurgles once and dies.


The remaining seven soldiers open fire, splitting their attacks mostly evenly amongst the heroes. An extra soldier chooses to shoot at Liza Beth who seems to be the biggest threat in the group. Bullets fly all around the room. A bullet grazes Jason Aari, opening a tear in his shoulder, but doing little but causing some pain. Bullets bounce off of Liza's beast plate once again, narrowly missing her exposed flesh.


The now less than bionic commando has a bad feeling about the stormtroopers who appear to be rallying. He goes on the defensive, holding tight to his gun, the key to his reconnection. Jack Markson-One wonders where Andrew and the other ninja could be.


The villains open fire on the group of heroes. They begin shooting as much as they can, as often as they can. Three of them are firing upon Ghost Dragon who is right in the midst of them all, while the other four split thier attacks between Liza Beth and Jack Markson-One. Bullets streak past all three combatants. Bullets graze Liza Beth giving her minor, alomst ignorable injuries. Bullets continue to fire past the three heroes, but no more connect with them.


Ghost Dragon draws a bead on two of the soldiers that fired on him. "And now I'm going to hurt you." And without further preamble he fires. Both of his targets fall to the ground. They are unconscious, but still breathing.


Liza Beth keeps on attacking the shocktroopers despite the pain from the hits she took. She hopes to take them down fast so no more of her teammates get hurt. The shocktroopers guts spill across the floor as Liza Beth drags her blade hard and quick against his stomach. He collapses into the pile of his own organs on the floor beneath him.


Below, Andrew thinks he understands the new output pattern, and now searches for a way to determine which system is malfunctioning. After careful examination, Andrew discovers the problem. One of the containment cannisters was struck during the battle. A small crack is causing the strange green fluid to spill into the innards of the machine causing many of the systems to short out. Now, Andrew must bypass the section that has shorted out in order to correct the problem.


Now that he knows what the problem is, Andrew smiles, feeling a little inspired by his efforts and the fact that he can hear Khan recovering.


Jack Markson-One continues to defend himself from his two attackers as he asks, "What happened with the others?"


Jason smiles underneath his mask. His heart pounding and his senses sharp. It is in these moments, that he feels most alive. He starts to glide over to Liza Beth to give her some much needed covering fire. But first he opens fire at the shocktrooper attacking him and one of the men firing on the temporarily disabled Jack Markson-One, Both shots find their way to their targets. Jason moves towards Liza Beth even before the two struck targets fall to the ground.


Khan groans as he regains consciousness down below. His head is on fire and he can barely remember what even happened. Recollection comes quick as he loks up at Andrew battling the failing machine trying to save his friends from a terrible fate.


Liza Beth moves up to the shocktrooper that shot her and says as she attacks him. "You will pay for that... with your life." Her sword pierces the left eye socket of the trooper. He body shakes and quivers in response to the piercing of his brain. The body continues to spasm even in death, as it slumps to the ground at her feet. Leaving only one shocktrooper left standing in the room.


Andrew begins to manipulate the controls, trying to get the machine to switch over to a secondary system that will bypass the damaged area. In addition to that, he needs to activate the backup systems to lessen the workload of the damaged systems as soon as the system is redirected. If he doesn't, the build-up of fluid pressure would cause the flow lines to rupture, potentially damaging more systems. Hopefully if this works, the malfuction will stop, and he can then safely initiate the shutdown and release protocols. Andrew easily changes over the system. The reprogramming is obvious to him.


The last remaining shocktrooper panics and breaks. He charges out the back door and away from the group.


"We only need one to tell the story. Anyone else would be redundant." And with that, Ghost Dragon moves to the door and fires both guns at the retreating backs of the stormtroopers. His shots miss the fleeing soldier who ducks behind the dog kennel for cover. Jason can see him continuing his run, but the chain link kennel as well as the increasing distance, will make the shots more difficult.


Jack, having not recieved an answer, stows the two empty Mac-10's and heads to the basement, with his assault rifle still out. He can feel his connection to Kadandra returning as well as sensation in his cybernetic appendage.


"I'm going to go check on Andrew" Liza Beth says to Jason Aari as she turns and follows Jack down the stairs and into the weird science lab of Oliver Blackwind.


The two of them arrive to see Khan somewhat dazed on the ground. He seems to be recovering, but apparently not well. Their eyes instead focus on Andrew as he tackles the job of saving their companions from the terror of Oliver's strange device. With the system under control, Andrew immediately initiates the shutdown and release protocol for the device. As he toggles the switches and flips, he watches as the fluid drains from the various tanks. The people contained within begin to revive and as the fluid is completely evacuated the glass cannisters seem to descend, freeing the lot of them from their captive states.


Lara Croft is the first to pull the long tube from out of her throat. She coughs while trying to cover herself (as do most of the others excluding Saka Att or the Ravagon Brak). In a raspy british accent Lara begins talking though she probably shouldn't, "Where the bloody hell are my clothes?!"


The others are obviously confused and bewildered by the expressions on their faces as they begin to remove their own tubes.

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