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FAR  part 2 01-10-07

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"Finding Anastasia Romanov" Part 2 (01/09/07)

Scene Three: The Mansion


Jack Markson begins counting the bursts from Andrew's gun, to make sure to hand him a clip at the appropriate time, One..., he thinks.


Though in the heat of battle, Kahn never misses a chance to make a wisecrack, "Shuhan, you keep missun doz 'pog, de neva call you salad-shoota!" He smiles to himself.


"Lets do this then..." Jason converges on the Gospog with a sudden burst of speed.


Jose, you didn't really list an action this round, though I assumed you wanted to attack gospog #5


The Ghost Dragon easily tears into the gospog, cornering it up against the wall of the mansion. Bullets from the weapons of his friends slam into the wall not too far from him. He tears large chunks of vegetable flesh from the creature as it collapses to the ground, dropping its MAC 10.


Markson keeps firing, this time aiming at the gospog near the door, seeing that Andrew is firing on those on the left of the field. The gospog is blown into small pieces with a very accurate shot. There is almost nothing left of the gospog he targeted.


Wow.. a roll of 57... a few more points and a card and you could have had a GLORY.


Kahn then hacks into the gospog with the ferocity of a starved vegan on a lettuce plantation. It falls to the ground under his ferocious attack.


Liza Beth charges up to the next gospog and attacks it with her sword, she cleaves another one in half with the same results as before.


Wow... a roll of a 40! Two great attacks in one round.


Andrew takes a bead on the same Gospog he fired on, letting loose another 3-round burst. Perhaps he was just annoyed by Khan's comment, but Andy tears into the gospog this time, shredding it easily.


Two... counts off Jack in his head.


Khan leaves the downed gospog and charges over to Jason's side. He attacks the gospog that Jason had struck down only seconds before. He takes a small chunk out of the creature, but he's not sure if he hurt it or not. At any rate it doesn't seem to be moving.


Andy adjusts his aim, targeting a gospog on the other side of the field since those on the side of Khan and Jason seem to all have been destroyed or incapcitated. This time his shot is no good and he misses his target. shooting guns is going to take some getting used to... and possibly some training.


Three... Jack counts off again, he knows that he has about seven more shots in burst mode before he will need more another clip.


The two active gospog both open fire on Liza Beth. Once again their bullets just bounce off her golden breastplate. She turns angrily towards them with a menacing scowl on her face - indicating that they are indeed next.



G1, G3, G6, G7 & G8 are finished. G2, G4 & G5 are down. Andrew shot at G10. Heroes are Flurry this round.


When is the next time I can use a declared card? I plan to use that Haste card. - Not too sure who asked this one. Cards can be played as soon as they are in your pool. You cannot use the card you are playing into a pool this turn because it doesn't actually go into your pool until the end of the round. Basically, if the card is in you pool you can play it, until I put it into your pool, you can't use it. You can use any number of cards in your pool at anytime during your turn, but you must declare all cards that you are using for an action BEFORE getting the results.


Jack Markson brings his aim to bear on the next Gospog. After that burst he fires on another, feeling invigorated with what has now become a full frontal assault. To Andy he says, "Sir, make your way to the fence, I'll get us both over once those two remaining Tangos are down as well as cover your advance."
attack 1 G9, attack 2 G10
play card # 9 into my pool please


"Good thinking," Andrew replies, firing another burst at the Gospog. "However, if I'm going to break cover, I'd better raise shields." As he says that, Andrew activates the force field generator.


Playing Card # 110 into my Pool. First action is to fire another burst at G10. Second action is activating my force field generator.


"Good shot shuhan! You keepa dat up we jus wok in an take peepo out!" Kahn encourages as he hacks into another gospog. He says to Jason "Dis jus like ninjas befow only plant!"



Kahn attacks G5 (with Jason I'm assuming). If it falls, he makes his way towards the entrance, if not he attacks again.



Liza Beth Quickly rushes at the Gospog closes to the building and slashes to it with her sword.

attacking G9


Deadline is Saturday, January 13th

Game Data

New hands were sent

Initiative Order: Jason Aari; Jack Markson; Kahn Hill; Liza Beth; Andrew Joyce

Action Stack:

Andrew Joyce

Possibilities: 11

Conditions: None

Damage: None

Cards In Play:

Jack Markson

Possibilities: 10

Conditions: None

Damage: None

Cards In Play:

Jason Aari

Possibilities: 5

Conditions: None

Damage: None

Cards In Play:

Kahn Hill

Possibilities: 5

Conditions: None

Damage: None

Cards In Play:

Liza Beth

Possibilities: 12

Conditions: None

Damage: none

Cards In Play:

Discard Deck:

If any of you have a Master Plan card, you can use it to retrieve the first card listed above. I will only display the last 5 discarded cards.

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