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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 11 months ago

Below are all the cards for the game of TORG. You will need to use this page to reference your hands (which will be sent by private e-mail), cards in card pools, cards in the action stack and cards in the discard pile. For more information on how the cards work, please reference the Drama Deck page.


NumberTitleSkillStandardDramaticApproved Actions
1AdrenalinA BH:--/V: FatigueH: Inspirtation/V:--Any
2AdenalinA B CH: Up/V:--V:--/H: InspirationAny
3AdrenalinA B DV:--/H: UpV:--/H: InspirationAny
4AdrenalinA BH: Flurry/V:--H: Inspiration/V:--Any
5AdenalinA BH: Flurry/V:--V--/H: InspirationAny
6AdrenalinA BV:--/H: UpV:--/H: InspirationAny
7AdrenalinA BH: Up/V:--H: Inspiration/V:--Any
8AdrenalinA BH: Flurry/V:--V:--/H: FatigueAny
9AdrenalinA BV:--/H: FlurryV:--/H: FatigueAny
10AdrenalinA BH: Flurry/V:--H: Fatigue/V:--Maneuver/Trick
11AdrenalinA BH: Flurry/V:--V:--/H: FatigueManeuver/Trick
12AdrenalinA B DV:--/H: FlurryV:--/H: FatigueManeuver/Trick
13AdrenalinCritical ProblemH: Flurry/V:--H: Fatigue/V:--Maneuver/Trick
14AdrenalinComplicationH: Flurry/V:--V:--/H: FatigueManeuver/Trick
15AdrenalinPossible SetbackV:--/H: FlurryV:--/H: FatigueManeuver/Trick
16AdrenalinB DH: Up/V:--H:--/V: UpTaunt/Intimidation
17WillpowerB CH: Up/V:--V: Up/H:--Taunt/Intimidation
18WillpowerA DV:--/H: UpV: Up/H:--Taunt/Intimidation
19WillpowerA CH: Up/V:--H:--/V: UpTaunt/Intimidation

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