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Andrew Joyce

Page history last edited by Garry Timmons 12 years ago

Role Playing Game Prodigy

Home Cosm: Core EarthMagic Axiom: 7Spiritual Axiom: 9Social Axiom: 21 Technological Axiom: 23

Possibilities: 18


AttributeApproved ActionsSkillAddAttributeValue
Dexterity: 7ManeuverDodge+1Dexterity8
Strength: 8Fire Combat+2Dexterity9
Toughness: 9Melee Weapons+3Dexterity10
Perception: 12TrickSwimming+2Dexterity9
Mind: 12TestLand Vehicles+1Perception13
Charism: 8TauntLanguage (German)+1Perception13
Spirit: 10IntimidateMathematics+1Perception13
Reality 14Scholar(D&D/Games)+6Perception18


Equipment: Leather Jacket (+2/11 5 axiom), Heavy Metal Rings (Str +1/13 dmg, 6 axiom); Nile Sunblade (Str +5/19, 21 axiom); M16 Assault Rifle (20 dmg; 3-40/250/400; 22 axiom); Personal Force Field Generator (Cost 3, +12 Toughness, Enough Power for 15 rounds, 30 axiom); Bottle of Advil; Heavy Metal Necklaces; Canvas Haversack; D&D Dice; AD&D Rulebooks; Night Vision Goggles (23 axiom); 20 Smoke Pellets; 4 Clips for Assault Rifle; Staff (Str+2/9 dmg, 6 axiom)


Nemesis Subplot: Mary of the Purple Hair is his personal nemesis although he knows not why. She has a personal vendetta against him for some reason. If she hadn't targeted him in the first place he may not have gotten involved in the invasion and been integral in stopping her invasion. Whether she will return remains to be seen.


Description: 16 years old, 5'9", weighs 165 lbs.


History: Andrew Joyce was your average role-playing teen. He went to school, got good grades and spent most of his weekends planning out new adventures for his group of friends he spent his weekends with. He and his best friend Scott Taggart were hanging out at a rock formation not too far away from his home in Universal City known as The Cliffs. There they met another young man named Mike Glade (who it would later be discovered is actually related to Andy). The three suddenly noticed that something was going terribly wrong. The sky was growing unusually dark and there seemed to be some sort of electrical disturbance. Returning to town, Andy found his home destroyed and the city seemed to be in some sort of panic.

--Suddenly the three youths found themselves being pursued by all manner of nightmarish creature. To survive they broke into a K-Mart and armed themselves and even stole horses. They decided to go and hold up in Andy's grandparent's place a couple small towns over in Converse. They were terrorized the whole way there by a crazed woman identifying herself only as Mary of the Purple Hair. when Andy got to his grandparent's place with the others in tow, he discovered that their place had also been targeted, including their warehouse next door.

--Soon they found information that told them how to stop the invaders while they were struggling to take hold because of the Earth's possibility backlash on the invading realm. With the help of his two friends they were able to do what the military couldn't... stop the invasion by removing one of the stelae. Mary swore to return with a vengeance.

--Andy inherited a large sum of money with all of his family gone. The money did little to ease his guilt and anger of what happened. The phenomenon was dismissed by the media and society as a large... dismissed as some kind of natural occurence followed up by a mass hallucination. Never mind that Mike Glade had been transformed in the struggles and bore proof in the form of cybernetic legs and a cybernetically enhanced steed.

--The three knew something bigger was coming. They decided to split up and scour the world in search of others like them. Others who knew that there was a storm coming. Andy set up shop in Kentucky where he decided to form a base of operations. Now that the war has come, he has formed and funded a team to help fight off the invaders. If only the government and military had listened to him and the other people in the city of San Antonio, then maybe they would have been as prepared as Andy when the invasion came. Now he does his best to organize and lead the Pendragon Renegades despite his age and relative lack of military and combat experience.


Quote: "I've got a bad feeling about this."


Played by Andrew Joyce.

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